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30 November 2010

Symbols: Eagles

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We have choosen  5 images that represents the eagle:


*This image reprents Russia .It is the national symbol,It became the symbol of the Zar´s in (1917)


 It is the american eagle ,it is holding  an olive branch, symbolizing peace, and the other a bundle of 13 arrows, one for each of the original states of U.S.A


It is the symbol of Toledo´s city.The eagles represents the auority and there are two kings they represents the strenght of the city,they also represent that the kings lived in Toledo many years ago


*It is the symbol of Gemany .It became the symbol in 1806 when Germany was lead by the Holy Roman Empire.


*It´s the symbol of U.S.A post.It represents the fast of  post-delivery.It means that ,they´ll give your package as quick as they can

Sergio Arrutia and Ramón Sanfeliz 3ºA

My favourite Mass Media.

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My favourite mass media is TV,but the tv programme that I really like is ”Nuevos Cómicos” of Paramount Comedy.I watch it 2hours per week aprox.,alone and i really like it.It’s very fun and make your day nicer.I usually watch it at night nearly 11 o’clock with some popcorn.Well,it would be better if Nuevos Cómicos were broadcasted more times per week.

 NaHuEl 3*A


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Last wednesday the bilingual section went to the Universad Laboral to see a film called , Boy. I didn’t like the film because it was very boring.

The film was about a boy called Boy, thet he lived with his brother Rocky, his cousins and his grandmather. His mum die when  he was a child , and his dadwas in the jail. One day his granny went to the city  because he had a funeral.  Some hours ago Boy’s father called Alamein came to the housebecause he scaped of the jail. Alamein returned to his house because when he was young he hid a treasure next tothe house and he wanted to ge it. Boy and rocky were very happy with their father  because he was very famous in the village. Days go  on and Alamein didn’t found the treasure but one day Boy were duging and he found the tresuare but he didn’t say it to his father because he was drunk. When Alamein noticed that his son got the money he tried to hit him, and Boy broke all the money. At the end the granny came to the house and everuthungwas normal again.


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Here we have five symbols which represents Pegasus:

Pegasus Comunity

This is the symbol which represents a comunity of people.


This pegasus represents a kind of Fuel called Mobiloil.


This is the pegasus that represents a brand of trucks very famous in Spain.


That pegasus represents a brand of toys.


This pegasus represents a brand of puzzles which are very difficult to make.

By NaHuEl,BoRjA and SaNtIaGo.


Symbols (swan) by Marina Picallo and Paula Nozal 3ºB

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swanSwans, genus Cygnus, are birds of the family Anatidae, which also includes geese and ducks. Swans are grouped with the closely related geese in the subfamily Anserinae where they form the tribe Cygnini. Sometimes, they are considered a distinct subfamily, Cygninae. There are six to seven species of swan in the genus Cygnus; in addition there is another species known as a swan, the Coscoroba Swan, although this species is no longer considered related to the true swans. Swans usually mate for life, though ‘divorce’ does sometimes occur, particularly following nesting failure.The swans are the largest members of the duck family Anatidae, and are amongst the largest flying birds. They also have a patch of unfeathered skin between the eyes and bill in adults. A swan means:

  • Love
  • Grace
  • Union
  • Purity
  • Beauty
  • Dreams
  • Balance
  • Elegance
  • Partnership
  • Transformation

The swan may also bear messages of love and relationships swan


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The centaurs are a composite race of creatures,part human and part horse.They form part of the Greek mythology.They appear in a lot of pictures and they represent the strength of the horses and the intelligence of the humans.Some famous pictures where they appear are:


Some people believe in them but I think it is a legend.It says that their enemies are the lápitas.



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The film that we’ve seen on 24/11/10 its called as BOY and it was a realistic drama about a kids who live in a poor village of Australia. The kid is living with his grandmother and with his brothers and sisters when one day the father comes with a friend (them escape from the jail, and he has a ridiculous gang) and he try to find his buried money, but Boy finds it and he broke it.

The father was a marihuana smoker and he was crazy for it.

On my opinion, the film is a bit boring.

Name of the father -> Alamein

Name of the Brother -> Rocky

29 November 2010


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Last Wednesday, we went to “Laboral Theatre” to watch a film called “Boy”.The film was set in the 1984,In my opinion, I think the film was boring, and  in some parts of the film, Michael Jackson  appeared and I dislike  this singer too.

The film was about a child called Boy who lives with his cousins and his brother.He mother is dead and his father takes part in a criminal band called “Crazy Horses”.He is a Michael Jackson fan.One day his father appears in front of his house,Alein has became because he wants to recover the money which was dug  in the country .Boy found the money but he didn´t tell anything to his father .Boy hid the money  near his pet.It was a coat.It suddenly it the money.When Alein realized that Boy had found the money, he got really angry.He became crazy and went out of the house.Finally,Boy found his father at the cementery,he was praying to his mother dead

25 November 2010

The film called BOY?!?!?

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Yesterday we went to the ”Universidad Laboral” to see a film called ”BOY”.The film was quite long i didn’t like it, it was so boring! At the begining it was quite interesting but at least we finally started talking with my friends about something different.The movie was about a boy called ”Alamein” who lives with his ”Yaya”(Grandma), his brother(Rocky), some cousins and his goat ”LEAF”.His father was in prision because he was quite BAD,but he escaped with a Spoon. The father ”Shogun” came back to look for his money which was buried near the house of BOY’s family of, but when ”Shogun” came back he started to have a bad influence on his two sons. At the end of the film the father lost his money because ”leaf” ate it and he turned back to being good. At least in my opinion the movie was quite good but boring at the end.

by NaHuEl

What I think about the film Boy.

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Yesterday we went to the Laboral University to saw a film called Boy. The film was about a child called Boy that lived in New Zeland. He was poor and he lived with his grandmother , his brother called Rocky and his cousins. Boy has got a goat called “Leaf” too. One day his father arrived with two friends. They stayed at Boy’s house.


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The film we watched this wednesday was called “Boy” and it was a realistic drama about the life of an aborigen child who was known by everyone as “boy”(although his real name was Alamein)  and his brother “Rocky” and their relationship with their dad, an ex-inmate who got out of the jail killing two guards with a tea spoon, a marijuana adict, and a real disaster as a father.

Boy was quite a lonely guy, he only had five friends, Rocky, his granny and a goat called “Leaf”. During the movie, he used to talk to the goat, and tell her invented stories about him and a girl from his school who he was in love with.

One day their granny went to town to a funeral and she asked Alamein to look after his brothers until she got back. The first days were nice, Alamein took care of his brother, his cousins, and the goat, he went to school, and everything was fine, but one day, while they were playing at home, they saw a black car coming into the yard. Inside the car there were three guys. One of them was Alamein and Rocky’s dad.

These three men were members of a gang called the “crazy horses” and, as they told them, they wanted to look for of a treasure they had buried after escaping from jail.

Alamein was really happy with his father, and they spent a lot of time together, but Rocky wasn’t as happy as his brother, because he thought his father blamed him because his mother died after he was born.

Days passed and the crazy horses, with Alamein’s help , looked for the treasure  persistently. Until one day, when Alamein, alone, found the plastic bag which contained one millon dollars. He was angry with his father, so he decided to keep it himself, and hide it where the goat lived, but one day, when he was going to show the money to his father, he saw the goat eating all the doughs. When he told his father, he got really angry, but after a period of the film in which everything went wrong, Rocky, Alamein, and their father ended up living like a family, and they could be happy.

The film, was quite slow and boring in some parts, but in general it’s interesting to see life  in poor countries, and feel the misery in some parts of the world, thats why I think “Boy”  is a good film, because it shows us that can get really hard sometimes, but at last, what counts is to have a family and good friends who will help you when you’re down.


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I like the film we watched the other day because it was about a real situation in some countries. Most of children have to live without their parents and the film try to shows us this idea.It was about a boy called Alamein but all the people called him Boy.Boy lived with his family except his parents. Boy’s mother died when Boy’s brother was born. When Boy’s father appeared he had two friend. Boy tried to be like is father but a lot of bad things happened. They lost all their money, their friend and their car.                                                                                                                             By: Borja Muñiz Nicolás


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Last Wednesday,we went to the Laboral to see a film called “Boy”.It was about a child who was born in New Zealand, he lives with his brothers and his Grandmother. The Grandmother went to Wellington and the children are left alone. Then Boy´s dad appears(he had escaped out of the prision, with two friends). He wanted to look for the money that he had hidden when he went to prision. “Boy” found it and he hid it.”Boy” and his dad argued and he told his dad that he has found the treasure and he has broken it(it was true)and his dad hit him.Then Boy´s dad´s friends escaped and he  left alone. When Boy´s Grandmother came back , Boy´s father was better and he started to be a good man.Ithink that this film is very good, I liked it because it is very realistic and the actors act very well. The theme is very interesting because it is real and the characters aren´t false(there are a lot of boys that begin to smoke at 11 years old)and we have to stop it .

23 November 2010

My favorite mass medium

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My favourite mass medium is the Internet, specially one programme called as My name is Earl. I watch to when I can, because it’s awensome! I really enjoy it! The actors are Jason Lee (Earl), Ethan Suplee (Randy), etc. It´s the best programme of the internet!

Some episodes: -> First episode -> The best that I’ve seen

Sorry but them are in Spanish, I coudn’t find them in English…

My favourite mass medium.

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My favourite mass medium is the radio,specially one programme,Carrussel Deportivo.I listen to it at the weekend,two or three hours a day,because they talk about sport and they are very friendly.The presenters are Juanma Ortega,Javi Hoyos and Juanma Castaño.It´s the best programme of the weekend´s evenings and they win a lot of prizes.


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Hi ,my name is Pablo and I ´m from Gijón.I´m 14 and iI love sport.I play handball in the Inmaculada,a very good team.

Bye bye…………………………………….xD

19 November 2010

Hello i’m Adrian

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Hello my name is Adrian i’m 14 years old my hobbies are listening music,playing basketball and meet my friends.I’m not really good at class but i pass almost ever see you later¡¡¡

18 November 2010

About Mass Media

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internet.jpg Choose one Mass Medium among:  Radio, TV, Cinema, Newspaper, Internet and take notes of these parameters:

􀂃 Students have to analyse the mass medium they use most in their life:

nios21.JPGRecord the item (name of print or TV/radio program)Name the medium

(television, radio, internet etc.)

Record the amount of time spent with the medium (rounding off is fine)

Record the context of interaction

Explaining why the interaction took place (research for homework,

entertainment, boredom etc.)

􀂃 At the conclusion of the period, use the journal to compute the amount of time

spent with each mass medium and chart the circumstances and reasons why.

On average, how much time do you spend with this medium?

What role or purpose does this medium fulfill for you? What do you get from this

medium? Do you tend to use this medium to satisfy a need such as information,

entertainment or to fill the boredom?

Do you use this medium during certain times of day or in certain situations?

Do you use this medium alone or with others?

How do you think your life would be different if this medium didn’t exist?

When this medium was first introduced, what impact do you think it had on our


Is there anything about your consumption of media you would like to change?


Exercise for Technologies

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You are going to do one exercise about electricity in Technology subject. You will use a piece of wood like basis  and on this surface you have to create your own decoration painting decorative motifs related to that topic. You can choose any drawing that you consider the most aproppiate in order to illustrate the background. You get to use acrylic colours and paintbrushes.

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