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23 November 2010

My favorite mass medium

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My favourite mass medium is the Internet, specially one programme called as My name is Earl. I watch to when I can, because it’s awensome! I really enjoy it! The actors are Jason Lee (Earl), Ethan Suplee (Randy), etc. It´s the best programme of the internet!

Some episodes: -> First episode -> The best that I’ve seen

Sorry but them are in Spanish, I coudn’t find them in English…

My favourite mass medium.

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My favourite mass medium is the radio,specially one programme,Carrussel Deportivo.I listen to it at the weekend,two or three hours a day,because they talk about sport and they are very friendly.The presenters are Juanma Ortega,Javi Hoyos and Juanma Castaño.It´s the best programme of the weekend´s evenings and they win a lot of prizes.


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Hi ,my name is Pablo and I ´m from Gijón.I´m 14 and iI love sport.I play handball in the Inmaculada,a very good team.

Bye bye…………………………………….xD

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