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29 November 2010


Filed under: About "Boy" — Sergio Arrutia Noriega @ 22:16

Last Wednesday, we went to “Laboral Theatre” to watch a film called “Boy”.The film was set in the 1984,In my opinion, I think the film was boring, and  in some parts of the film, Michael Jackson  appeared and I dislike  this singer too.

The film was about a child called Boy who lives with his cousins and his brother.He mother is dead and his father takes part in a criminal band called “Crazy Horses”.He is a Michael Jackson fan.One day his father appears in front of his house,Alein has became because he wants to recover the money which was dug  in the country .Boy found the money but he didn´t tell anything to his father .Boy hid the money  near his pet.It was a coat.It suddenly it the money.When Alein realized that Boy had found the money, he got really angry.He became crazy and went out of the house.Finally,Boy found his father at the cementery,he was praying to his mother dead

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