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27 December 2010


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My most used mass media is TV. Depending the exams, the amount of homework and the time I stay at home, I aproximatly spend 2 hours in this mass media everyday. I usually use it with my parents to learn cultures and traditions of the different countries, especially of Spain, to learn languages, to search information for school, to entertainment, to know the knews are happening at the moment and also hardly ever for boredom, when I’m alone. Some series I watch are ”Red Eagle”, ”Wolf Land”, ”Pasapalabra”, ”Spains on the world”,”Aida”, ”Spain”(Hispania),”The Legend of the Seeker” that is not on tv actually, ”CSI”, etc. I don’t use this mass media in special situations only when I want or when I have time. If this mass media didn’t exist people would be different. They wouldn’t know news are happening at the moment, they wouldn’t know about traditions or cultures of the different countries and they wouldn’t know about a lot of other things. This mass media appeared years ago but the first broadcast was in England in 1936 and after in other countries like USA. People would be more inteligent and  they would learn more things. I would change nothing in this mass media. In my opinion it is really fantastic. images-1.jpg                                                    tv-400.jpg

25 December 2010

Mass Media

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I really like watch TV, I spend a lot of time in front of it. I see it 1 or 2 hours every day but only if I have done all my homework and if I haven’t got any exams next day. I normally see TV for entreteiment but sometimes for boredon becuse I haven’t got anything to do. I always see in TV series like “Doctor Mateo”, “El internado”, “Hospital central”, ” Bones”  and other series,  I see all of it with my family because sometimes I’m scared. I really like see documentaries of animals too but I see it alone because when they are at the TV my parents are working. When I’m very bored I see cartoons with my little brother like “spongebob” or “Dora the explorer”. I thing that when you are watching TV you can learn a lot of traditions of other countries in the world. If TV didn’t exixtt probably it will be very boring and you can’t know wat is happening in every part of the world. When TV was introduced in our lives supose a very important technological change.






I add some links of tv programmes:

17 December 2010


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Look for different jobs related to this subject in every sense of the term from Technical professions to Media professionals.

You can search on the internet for several images and once you have selected five of them, draw them (copy, if you like it) with colours in your drawing book.

After finishing your tasks, we will scan the pictures in order to have a digital image that we can project on a very big piece of paper. My idea is to organise an exhibition with these figures who will have a speech bubble explaing their jobs.

The target of the exercise is to think how many jobs and studies are related with the subject and that Arts in general words provide a wide range of professional opportunities.


15 December 2010


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Here are some cases in which the phoenix appears taking part in a symbol

The Phoenix Suns are a professional basketball team based in Phoenix, Arizona. They are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Although the name of the team is like this because of the city where it has been created, the city is called like that because this name represents the idea of a city born from the ruins of a former civilization (A Native American village). The name was suggested by Lord Darrell Duppa, in the nineteenth century.

Granollers Fénix Club de fútbol américa. This club was refunded several times along the time, that’s why it’s similar to the mythological creature, because it reborns form its ashes. The effort of all members of the club has kept the team alive, like a phoenix fighting for survival. At this moment they are looking for sponsors.

Fénix Club de rugby Zaragoza. A phoenix is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends). It has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. This is the way this team was reborn over and over again, because through the time this team has been closed and opened many times, (because of some economical problems) that’s why it’s called “Fenix”, which is the Spanish word for “Phoenix”.

The Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix is a fiction secret society founded by Albus Dumbledore to oppose Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters in the Harry Potter books (by J.K Rowling). The original Order was created in 1970, after Voldemort returned to England from abroad and started his campaign to take over the Ministry of Magic and persecute Muggle-borns. The Order worked with the Ministry to oppose the Dark Lord and his followers, and played a crucial role in the First Wizarding War. Victory came in 1981 at the cost of many of their members.

The Order disbanded, but was reconvened in 1995 after Harry Potter informed Dumbledore of Lord Voldemort’s return. This group is called “The order of the Phoenix” because the phoenix is Dumbledore’s symbol. Dumbledore likes this animal, because it represents immortality, (Dumbledore is more than 150 years old) and hope, as the phoenix always reborns, and these are this great wizard’s maxims.

14 December 2010


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A mermaid is a mythological aquatic creature with a female human head and torso and the tail of a fish. Mermaids have a broad representation in folklore, literature, and popular culture.The word is a compound of mere, the Old English word for “sea”, and maid, a woman. Mermaids sometimes sing to people and gods and enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing them to die.


The Starbucks logo is a ”twin-tailed” mermaid. Starbucks was a ”Moby Dick” character. The Starbuck’s founder had worked for the navy and had a tattoo of a mermaid, which is related also to ”Moby Dick”.


By Cristina and Laura

mass media

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i usually use the computer, specially the internet.
i watch it  nearly two or three hours at day
i also play games like GTA in the computer. 

the internet is the best mass
medium(i think) because you can took with your friends
and do activities like this

.explorador-internet.jpg     descargar-gta-san-andreas-pc.jpg

13 December 2010

Mass media

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When I am in my car I always listen to the radio with my family. I listen Europa fm because I like the music and another programs in which they phone people, it is really fun. In the radio you can also listen the football maches that you have to pay for wached them in the tv, it’s not the same but it’s good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     By: Borja Muñiz Nicolás

12 December 2010

Mas media

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The mas media that I use every day is Internet. Is my favourtie mas media. Ithink that is the most useful mas media . I always use it, to chat with my friends and listen music, I can search all the music that I want. I also use it to do my homework. Tuenti is my favourite web page I can chat with my friends, look their photos, watch videos….. I sometimes use Internet to play games online with other people. Apart Tuenti I also use the Messenger to chat with my friends and Youtube to watch video. I think Internet is one of the best inventions of human.  We need it to do a lot of things that are difficult or expensive to do without Internet.



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Yesterday we went to the Laboral University to saw a film called Boy. The film was about a child called Boy that lived in New Zeland. He was poor and he lived with his grandmother , his brother called Rocky and his cousins. Boy has got a goat called “Leaf” too. One day his father arrived with two friends. They stayed at Boy’s house. His father was a delinquent  he had a band with his two friends called “Crazy Horses” he was irresponsable he smoked cannabis and he was alcoholic. Boy like a girl and he tried to be like his father because he thought that is cool and he thought that the girl will like him. Long time ago his father buried a lot of money in a field near boy’s house so Boy his brother and his father tried to dig up the money. One day boy digs up the money but he didn’t tell that to his father because he wanted to buy things. He hid the money in a car that was near the coat Leaf. A few days later he had a discussion with his father and his father left the village. Then Boy went to the old car to took the money but Leaf ate them.  He was really desperated so he get drunk and he fall of a bridge. A man rescue him and them he went back home, his father was there. His father was drunk. Boy realize that his father was an irresponsable person and he said that to his father. His father realize that he was a really irresponsable person and that he had a bad live so he left Boy’s house to start a new live.


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Not long ago, we went to the “Universidad Laboral”   to see a film called “Boy”. The film was about a boy called “Alamein”, whic was poor and live with his Grandma (Yaya), his brother (Rocky) and his cousins. Someday, his father come, which scaped from the prison with a spoon. Alamein, tried to imitate his father, because he think he was a great person. His father came because he buried some money, and Alamein, his father and his friends, were digging, looking for the money. When Alamein find the money, his goat, “Leaf”, ate it.  At the end, Alamein realised that his father wasn’t a good person, and he kicked him.

I didn’t like the film too much, it was too long and boring, but in some scenes is entertaining.

Alvaro Amado Fierro 3ºC

My favourite Mass Media

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My favourite mass media, is the internet. I use it every day, as long as I can. I expecially use it, to chat with my friends and play, but I usually use it, to make some homework and to search for information. I also use it to search videos on webs like “Youtube”, and look photos about me and my friends in webs like “Tuenti” or “Facebook”. I sometimes use the Internet alone, for example when I play some massively online game, well, when I’m playing that type of game, I’m not really alone, because I’ m probably playing with 2 million people, but I prefer to use the Internet with people I know, for example, chat with my friends on ”Messenger” or ”Voxli” (This is not very known). I think, if this mas media doesn’t exist, it could be harder to me to do all the things I said before. I think Internet, is something that in our actual culture, we need it, because, for example, important people, like presidents, have to send messages to other importan people, and without Internet, this could be very difficult.

 Internet Explorer (Navigator)                                                                                                                                                                                               World is connected to itself      

                                                                                                                       Alvaro Amado Fierro 3ºC  

Mass Media

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My favourite mass media is Internet  but I also like the others.I spend a lot of time on it, every day I used it 1 hour.At weekends I don´t really use it because I don´t have enough  time .When I use this mass media  ,I used to chat with my friends in a social network as Tuenti or Facebook, I watch videos on youtube , playing computer games and listen to music.I also spend  time on internet searching informacion for class  on wikipedia por example.I often use it   alone , but hardly ever I use it with friends.I think I spend too much time on it instead study for an exam but I enjoy it .Internet is the best mass media because you can realized waht ever happens around the world in only a few minutes.You can have relationship with other people of other countries and talk and prictise English with them.


 By:Sergio 3ºA

10 December 2010


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They symbolize hope, renewal, luck, fortune, truth, beauty… We have chosen some examples of stars:

1. Converse All Star: The blue star in the centre, symbolizes the best basketball players in the world, who many years ago wore Converse trainers in their matches.


2. The star of the ambulance, symbolizes the Paramedics, and the six ways to save lives. It is called, the star of the life.

3. The stars of the European flag symbolize the union of countries which form Europe. The number of stars symbolizes the perfection and the unit.


4. David’s star symbolizes the union of God and the humanity. It is the symbol of the Judaism and it was used by them to be identified by the Nazis.

5. Belen’s star, it was used to guide the Three Wise Men to the birth of Jesus.

6. The 50 stars of the USA flag, symbolize the fifty states which form the USA.

7.  The stars of Madrid flag, symbolize two things: first, it symbolizes the stars which form the Little Bear constellation (you can see it from Sierra de Guadarrama, which delimit the old city council of Madrid); the second, is that seven stars were in the Madrid‘s coat of arms with other castles.

8. The red star, symbolizes the socialism and the communism. It appears in the old URSS, North Corea, Benin, old Yugoslavia and Albania flags; in many coats of arms; and in many war emblems.

9. The Star Damm beer has got a star in its bottle. In its origin, it was called Golden Star, because the colour of the beer, but in 1991, it changed its name to Star Damm, like its creator August Kuentzmann Damm.

10. The logotype of Mercedes Benz is a three pikes star, the legend said that Daimler (creator of car) wrote to her daughter Mercedes a postcard with a map, and in the map there was a star in the first Mercedes Benz factory. But people also said that the star, symbolizes the earth, the sea and the air, elements in which Daimler’s motors where pioneers to travel by.

By Claudia, Paula Pérez and Marina Díaz. 3ºC

8 December 2010


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On the 24th November all the bilingual class went to the Universidad Laboral, to see the film called Boy.

The film was about one boy called Boy and his brother Rocky, who lived in New Zealand with their grandmother, and they have a goat, called Leaf. They didn’t have a mother because she was dead, and their father Alamein is Boy’s hero, but they don’t know where he is. One day, the grandmother goes to a funeral, and leaves the kids alone in the house. That day, in the evening, their father arrives to boy’s house. Boy’s father is so weird. He’s part of an illegal  group called Crazy Horses, he takes drugs and he is in New Zealand because he’s looking for a lot of money he buried somewhere there years ago. Boy starts to behave like his father, although he is not a very good influence, but Boy doesn’t realise. Some days later Boy finds his father’s buried money, but unfortunately Leaf eats it all, and Boy doesn’t tell his father. At the end, Boy is tired of his father’s behaviour, and he tells him that Leaf had eat all the money. When Alamein is going to shout at him, Boy kick him, and his father understands that he has to leave. The next morning, Alamein in not there, and the story finishes.

 By Laura Rodriguez


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The 24th of November the bilingual section went to Laboral University to see a film called Boy. It was about a kid called  Alamein, but all he people  called him Boy. He lived in a village  with his brother Rocky, their grandma and a lot of cousins. Their mother was dead. One day, grandma went to a funeral for a week long, so Boy, Rocky and their cousins were alone in the house. The next day, Boy’s father appeared with two friends. Boy was very happy. The father, was searching a package with a lot of money which buried some years ago. Boy found it, but he didn’t say anything to his father. When Boy realizes of that his father, was not of trusting, boy take  the money and it spends  it.And boy throw his  father, because she was a bad person.

By Marina Picallo

Mass media

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I like all the mass medias, but I think I prefer the Internet. I spend here about 1 or 2 hours, but not everyday, for example I don’t use it on holidays or some days at the weekend, because I don’t have time for it. When I’m on it, I usually listen to music and download it, watch videos, but the thing on which I spend most of time are the social networks, like Tuenti or Facebook. There, I talk with friends and I see photos. I also spend time on MSN but is not as important as the social networks. I usually use this mass media alone, but if I’m on it with my friends, we use it all toguether. I really like the internet, but I think that I spend too much time on it. I think that if we didn’t use it we would do other things which are as important as internet or more, but in the other hand I think that Internet is very useful because you can search for things in a faster way, you can have contact with people in other parts in the world more cheaply, and the news flow faster on it.

By Laura Rodriguez

My favourite Mass Media

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My favourite Mass Media is Internet. I usually use it every day for one or two hours, but if I have exams or a lot of homework I don’t use it. I use it to listen to music, watch videos, films, and to talk with my friends, using Messenger or social networks such as Tuenti or Facebook. My favourite is Tuenti because all my friends have it, I can talk with them using the chat and I can see photos and videos that they upload. I use Internet alone, and sometimes with my friends. I think that Internet is the best Mass Media.

By: Paula Nozal


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The 24th of November the bilingual classes of 2º and 3º went to Universidad Laboral to see a film called Boy. It was about a 11-year-old boy who was called Boy. He lived in a village in New Zealand with his little brother Rocky, their grandma and a lot of cousins. Their mother was dead and their father was dissapeared. One day, grandma went to a funeral for a week long, so Boy, Rocky and their cousins were alone in the house. The next day, Boy’s father appeared with two friends. All of them were called Crazy Horses. Boy was very happy and he spent a lot of time with his father. The father, was searching a package with a lot of money which buried some years ago. Boy found it, but he didn’t say anything to his father. One day, Boy discovered that his father wasn’t as cool as he expected, he was angry with his father and destroyed all the money. At the end, Crazy Horses were separated and grandma returned from the funeral.

By Paula Nozal

Mass Media

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My favourite Mass Media is the Internet. When I have a lot of homework or exams I don’t use it because it take me a lot of time of study. I use the internetto listen to music, seacrh information for works, or homerwork and to talk with my friends in social networks, for example, Facebook or Tuenti.I like Facebook, because I have many friends of other countries to which I went of exchange, but my favourite is Tuenti, becauseI can speak with my friends when I wants, and for my, it is easier  the tuenti that the facebook.

I think that Internet, is my favourite Mass Media.

By Marina Picallo


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The 24th of November the bilingual class went to the university for seeing a film called “Boy”,it is about a kid called Alamein but people call him Boy an 11-year-old who lives on a farm with his gran, a goat called Leaf, his younger brother, Rocky (who thinks he has magic powers) and several cousins. Shortly after Gran leaves for a Tangi hanga (funeral) in Wellington for a week, Boy’s father, Alamein, appears out of the blue. Having imagined a heroic version of his father during his absence, Boy comes face to face with the real version - an incompetent hoodlum who has returned to find a bag of money he buried years before.So they fibd him and after passing lots of problems with his father he discovers the money but the goat ate the money he gets really angry and he goes away but he comes again,this time his friend of the band betray him and let him there,later they visit the mother’s tomb,that’s the ending of the film.

By Adrian

7 December 2010

Mass Media

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My favourite Mass Media is the Internet. Normaly, I use it every day about an hour, except on Saturdays and Sundays that I use it more. When I have a lot of homework or exams I don’t use it .I use the Internet to search information, listen to music, watch videos or films, and especially to talk with my friends in some social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti. My favourite is Tuenti because all of my friends have got Tuenti, so I can chat wtih them whenever I want. I use the Internet on my own, but sometimes I use it with my sister or with my friends. I think that Internet is the best Mass Media.

Favourite Mass Media

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My favourite mass media is the Internet, on which I spend, except for Saturdays and Sundays (in which I spend about an hour and a half) about 30 or 45 minutes.

Between Monday and Friday I mostly use the Internet to look for some information or to chat at night with my friends. On  Saturdays and Sundays I use it basically to chat, play onbline games or to download music.

I think the Internet is fantastic, cecause it allows me to cummunicate with friends who live in other parts of Spain or with my closest friends without pending a cent in phone calls. It is also a great source of information (if you know where to look) and a good tool for your studies. You can also find good games to play and some free music to download. Although it is not the best way of spending an afternoon (I prefer doing sport or my friends) I think the Internet is a great mass media.

5 December 2010


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The 24th of November, the Bilingual Section went to the Laboral Theatre to watch a film called Boy. The film was about a child called Boy who lives in Australia with his grandmother, his cousins , his brother Rocky and his best friends, a goat. They were poor. Boy and Rocky didn’t have mother, because she died in Rocky’s birth, and their father wasn’t with them, he was at the jail, but he scaped and form a band called Crazy Horses. One they, Shogun, Boy and Rocky’s father, came back home to look for his money, which was buried underground. Boy found the money and the goat ate it, so Shogun got angry. Finally, Shogun, Boy and Rocky started living like a family, and they go to visit their mother’s tomb.

The film was quite boring sometimes, it was a little bit strange but It was also funny, It was different to the other films I’ve ever seen.


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They symbolize hope, renewol, luck, fortune, beauty. We have coose 5 stars:

1. Converse all star: It symbolize the stars of the world of the stars of basketball

2. I symbolize the live of persons

3. It symbolize the first 12 countries which form Europe

4. It symbolize the jew religion

5.Iy symbolize  the birth  of jesus

By claudia, paula and marina

4 December 2010

Mass Media

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Last wednesday we went to Laboral university to see a film called boy. It was about a boy called Alamein(but his friends call him Boy). He live in Australia with his brother Rocky, his grandmother and all his cousins, and they are poor. His father “Shogun” was in prision but he scaped with a spoon. One day his father came back to Boy’s house with some friends to look for his money which was buried near the house, but Boy discovered it. He didn’t tell anything to his father and his coat ate the money. When Shogun realisez that Boy lost his money he became crazy.

I didn’t like the film so much because it was some boring in some parts


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It is my favourite mass medium, I use it practically everyday, depending the day of the week and the exams and homework I have. I usually spend two or three hours in front of the computer. I use it to chat with my friends by social networks like Tuenti or Facebook, but I also use it to search for information, listen to music, watch films… I normally use Internet alone, but sometimes, I use it with friends when they come to my house or with my parents, to search for something about our holidays for example. If this medium didn’t exist I think I will probably have more free time, to play sports, to read, to meet friends…, but I won’t have access to information or music at home, like I have now. Finally, I think that Internet is very useful and everybody can have access to it easily, I think is an advantage from technology

3 December 2010

The rooster

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 The rooster represents the emblem of vigilance and activity, it’s also a symbol of courage, abundance, fertility, but also the animal of choice for divination and witchcraft practices.Also it is very important for christian religion.

         Marta and Inés.

The human body

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maniqui1.jpgsketches.jpg               In this activity, you have to draw human bodies considering the structure of the figures. Think that every body has muscles, bones and joints and drawing the outline  is very  different to drawing something which has volume and depth. If you use circles and cylinders in order to construct  the skeleton, you will obtain a very good result.maniqui2.jpg

In the first box (unit 2, activity 2) , you have to draw the outline of your classmates (the first models). In the second one, try to construct your classmates’ body using circles and cylinders.

1 December 2010


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This film tells the story of a boy who is 11-year-old orphan from motherand father unaccounted, who lives with his younger brother - who assures havesuperpowers-, a goat and her grandmother and her idol is Michael Jackson. when hisfather appears, he becomes his new Idol, but little by little boy realizes that his father only wants to retrieve a hidden treasure

I think that film is very good, but i didn’t like the characters. I really enjoy seen it. I specially like the moment wen the father was on the beach doing silly things I attach an image1062_sm.jpg


Filed under: About "Boy" — cristinmcggi23 @ 17:55

Last Wednesday we went to  Universidad Laboral to see the film called ”BOY” . I didn’t like it so much. I think it was quite boring and quite long. It was about a teenager called Alamei. He lives in New Zealand with his cousins,his brother, Rocky and his grandmother and they are poor. Alamei and Rocky don’t have mother because she died a few years ago. Alamei loves Michael Jackson and he dreams to go to a concert. His father, Shogun is in a jail because he is a bad person but he scapes with a spoon. One day he returns home with his friends who drank alcohol and are a marihuana spokers, to look for his money. Shogun promise Alamei to take him to a Michael Jackson’s concert but he doesn’t do it. Shogun and his friends are an illegal  band called ”Crazy Horses”. One day Alamei find the money when he is digging but their goat called Leaf ate it . Alamei tells nothing to his father. Then Shogun starts taking problems to Alamei’s family and Alamei starts having problems with his friends. Some days later he tells his father what happened with the money,when they are having a discussion. At the end Shogun promise Alamei that he will be a good person and he will change. Finally I think that problems will finish.


Bye, Bye

By cristina

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