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1 December 2010


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This film tells the story of a boy who is 11-year-old orphan from motherand father unaccounted, who lives with his younger brother - who assures havesuperpowers-, a goat and her grandmother and her idol is Michael Jackson. when hisfather appears, he becomes his new Idol, but little by little boy realizes that his father only wants to retrieve a hidden treasure

I think that film is very good, but i didn’t like the characters. I really enjoy seen it. I specially like the moment wen the father was on the beach doing silly things I attach an image1062_sm.jpg


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Last Wednesday we went to  Universidad Laboral to see the film called ”BOY” . I didn’t like it so much. I think it was quite boring and quite long. It was about a teenager called Alamei. He lives in New Zealand with his cousins,his brother, Rocky and his grandmother and they are poor. Alamei and Rocky don’t have mother because she died a few years ago. Alamei loves Michael Jackson and he dreams to go to a concert. His father, Shogun is in a jail because he is a bad person but he scapes with a spoon. One day he returns home with his friends who drank alcohol and are a marihuana spokers, to look for his money. Shogun promise Alamei to take him to a Michael Jackson’s concert but he doesn’t do it. Shogun and his friends are an illegal  band called ”Crazy Horses”. One day Alamei find the money when he is digging but their goat called Leaf ate it . Alamei tells nothing to his father. Then Shogun starts taking problems to Alamei’s family and Alamei starts having problems with his friends. Some days later he tells his father what happened with the money,when they are having a discussion. At the end Shogun promise Alamei that he will be a good person and he will change. Finally I think that problems will finish.


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