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3 December 2010

The rooster

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 The rooster represents the emblem of vigilance and activity, it’s also a symbol of courage, abundance, fertility, but also the animal of choice for divination and witchcraft practices.Also it is very important for christian religion.

         Marta and Inés.

The human body

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maniqui1.jpgsketches.jpg               In this activity, you have to draw human bodies considering the structure of the figures. Think that every body has muscles, bones and joints and drawing the outline  is very  different to drawing something which has volume and depth. If you use circles and cylinders in order to construct  the skeleton, you will obtain a very good result.maniqui2.jpg

In the first box (unit 2, activity 2) , you have to draw the outline of your classmates (the first models). In the second one, try to construct your classmates’ body using circles and cylinders.

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