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5 December 2010


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The 24th of November, the Bilingual Section went to the Laboral Theatre to watch a film called Boy. The film was about a child called Boy who lives in Australia with his grandmother, his cousins , his brother Rocky and his best friends, a goat. They were poor. Boy and Rocky didn’t have mother, because she died in Rocky’s birth, and their father wasn’t with them, he was at the jail, but he scaped and form a band called Crazy Horses. One they, Shogun, Boy and Rocky’s father, came back home to look for his money, which was buried underground. Boy found the money and the goat ate it, so Shogun got angry. Finally, Shogun, Boy and Rocky started living like a family, and they go to visit their mother’s tomb.

The film was quite boring sometimes, it was a little bit strange but It was also funny, It was different to the other films I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Good, but take care with teh use of prepositions and the spelling of the odd word.

    Comment by richardww — 10 December 2010 @ 11:54

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