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8 December 2010


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On the 24th November all the bilingual class went to the Universidad Laboral, to see the film called Boy.

The film was about one boy called Boy and his brother Rocky, who lived in New Zealand with their grandmother, and they have a goat, called Leaf. They didn’t have a mother because she was dead, and their father Alamein is Boy’s hero, but they don’t know where he is. One day, the grandmother goes to a funeral, and leaves the kids alone in the house. That day, in the evening, their father arrives to boy’s house. Boy’s father is so weird. He’s part of an illegal  group called Crazy Horses, he takes drugs and he is in New Zealand because he’s looking for a lot of money he buried somewhere there years ago. Boy starts to behave like his father, although he is not a very good influence, but Boy doesn’t realise. Some days later Boy finds his father’s buried money, but unfortunately Leaf eats it all, and Boy doesn’t tell his father. At the end, Boy is tired of his father’s behaviour, and he tells him that Leaf had eat all the money. When Alamein is going to shout at him, Boy kick him, and his father understands that he has to leave. The next morning, Alamein in not there, and the story finishes.

 By Laura Rodriguez

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  1. Very good on the whole Laura, but careful with past participles and the use of prepositions.

    Comment by richardww — 10 December 2010 @ 11:36

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