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12 December 2010


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Not long ago, we went to the “Universidad Laboral”   to see a film called “Boy”. The film was about a boy called “Alamein”, whic was poor and live with his Grandma (Yaya), his brother (Rocky) and his cousins. Someday, his father come, which scaped from the prison with a spoon. Alamein, tried to imitate his father, because he think he was a great person. His father came because he buried some money, and Alamein, his father and his friends, were digging, looking for the money. When Alamein find the money, his goat, “Leaf”, ate it.  At the end, Alamein realised that his father wasn’t a good person, and he kicked him.

I didn’t like the film too much, it was too long and boring, but in some scenes is entertaining.

Alvaro Amado Fierro 3ºC

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