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12 December 2010


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Yesterday we went to the Laboral University to saw a film called Boy. The film was about a child called Boy that lived in New Zeland. He was poor and he lived with his grandmother , his brother called Rocky and his cousins. Boy has got a goat called “Leaf” too. One day his father arrived with two friends. They stayed at Boy’s house. His father was a delinquent  he had a band with his two friends called “Crazy Horses” he was irresponsable he smoked cannabis and he was alcoholic. Boy like a girl and he tried to be like his father because he thought that is cool and he thought that the girl will like him. Long time ago his father buried a lot of money in a field near boy’s house so Boy his brother and his father tried to dig up the money. One day boy digs up the money but he didn’t tell that to his father because he wanted to buy things. He hid the money in a car that was near the coat Leaf. A few days later he had a discussion with his father and his father left the village. Then Boy went to the old car to took the money but Leaf ate them.  He was really desperated so he get drunk and he fall of a bridge. A man rescue him and them he went back home, his father was there. His father was drunk. Boy realize that his father was an irresponsable person and he said that to his father. His father realize that he was a really irresponsable person and that he had a bad live so he left Boy’s house to start a new live.

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