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12 December 2010

Mass Media

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My favourite mass media is Internet  but I also like the others.I spend a lot of time on it, every day I used it 1 hour.At weekends I don´t really use it because I don´t have enough  time .When I use this mass media  ,I used to chat with my friends in a social network as Tuenti or Facebook, I watch videos on youtube , playing computer games and listen to music.I also spend  time on internet searching informacion for class  on wikipedia por example.I often use it   alone , but hardly ever I use it with friends.I think I spend too much time on it instead study for an exam but I enjoy it .Internet is the best mass media because you can realized waht ever happens around the world in only a few minutes.You can have relationship with other people of other countries and talk and prictise English with them.


 By:Sergio 3ºA

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