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12 December 2010

My favourite Mass Media

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My favourite mass media, is the internet. I use it every day, as long as I can. I expecially use it, to chat with my friends and play, but I usually use it, to make some homework and to search for information. I also use it to search videos on webs like “Youtube”, and look photos about me and my friends in webs like “Tuenti” or “Facebook”. I sometimes use the Internet alone, for example when I play some massively online game, well, when I’m playing that type of game, I’m not really alone, because I’ m probably playing with 2 million people, but I prefer to use the Internet with people I know, for example, chat with my friends on ”Messenger” or ”Voxli” (This is not very known). I think, if this mas media doesn’t exist, it could be harder to me to do all the things I said before. I think Internet, is something that in our actual culture, we need it, because, for example, important people, like presidents, have to send messages to other importan people, and without Internet, this could be very difficult.

 Internet Explorer (Navigator)                                                                                                                                                                                               World is connected to itself      

                                                                                                                       Alvaro Amado Fierro 3ºC  

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