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25 December 2010

Mass Media

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I really like watch TV, I spend a lot of time in front of it. I see it 1 or 2 hours every day but only if I have done all my homework and if I haven’t got any exams next day. I normally see TV for entreteiment but sometimes for boredon becuse I haven’t got anything to do. I always see in TV series like “Doctor Mateo”, “El internado”, “Hospital central”, ” Bones”  and other series,  I see all of it with my family because sometimes I’m scared. I really like see documentaries of animals too but I see it alone because when they are at the TV my parents are working. When I’m very bored I see cartoons with my little brother like “spongebob” or “Dora the explorer”. I thing that when you are watching TV you can learn a lot of traditions of other countries in the world. If TV didn’t exixtt probably it will be very boring and you can’t know wat is happening in every part of the world. When TV was introduced in our lives supose a very important technological change.






I add some links of tv programmes:

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