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27 December 2010


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My most used mass media is TV. Depending the exams, the amount of homework and the time I stay at home, I aproximatly spend 2 hours in this mass media everyday. I usually use it with my parents to learn cultures and traditions of the different countries, especially of Spain, to learn languages, to search information for school, to entertainment, to know the knews are happening at the moment and also hardly ever for boredom, when I’m alone. Some series I watch are ”Red Eagle”, ”Wolf Land”, ”Pasapalabra”, ”Spains on the world”,”Aida”, ”Spain”(Hispania),”The Legend of the Seeker” that is not on tv actually, ”CSI”, etc. I don’t use this mass media in special situations only when I want or when I have time. If this mass media didn’t exist people would be different. They wouldn’t know news are happening at the moment, they wouldn’t know about traditions or cultures of the different countries and they wouldn’t know about a lot of other things. This mass media appeared years ago but the first broadcast was in England in 1936 and after in other countries like USA. People would be more inteligent and  they would learn more things. I would change nothing in this mass media. In my opinion it is really fantastic. images-1.jpg                                                    tv-400.jpg

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