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22 March 2011


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The film deals with an orphan boy who lived  in Australia. He lived  with his older brother, who took care of him and a goat. He liked  Michael jackson like all the youngsters in New Zealand.  One day his father became  with three friends and was installed in the house in search of a treasure. He became his new hero, but little by little the young man realized that his father was a bad person.

I like this film because it is an atractive film



2 March 2011

Mass media

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I will talk about my favourite mass media, the internet. Internet is not just a place to find information. You can use it for anything. You can also chat with your family and friends through social networks like tuenti, facebook or twitter and many more options available in the net. In my opinion Internet has been a great discover in recent years and everyone uses it especially young people. But it´s also dangerous because be exposed to it can damage the eyes and create an addiction, so we must do a correct use of it.explorador-internet.jpg

1 March 2011

Mass media

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The mass media i prefer is internet because it is the most useful mass media in my opinion it can be used for lots of things like searching information for your homework or other useful things.You also can use it for chatting with your friends or searching music and movies and download them,sometimes i use it for chatting with my friends in the evening,it’s really great.But internet can also be dangerous because a virus can infect your computer and break it so you should have a good anti-virus for this to don’t happen.

By Adrian Diaz

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