Artículos de Febrero 2008

Blanca 3B. ID Card

( ID Card )

What about myself?MY DIGITAL CARDSURNAME: San Miguel SantosFIRST NAME: BlancaSEX: femaleDATE OF BIRTH: 25-06-1993COUNTRY: SpainSCHOOL: I.E.S InfiestoBLOGSITE: ; www.meetingpointblog.comFAVOURITE SUBJECTS: MathsFAVOURITE MUSIC: pop and rock, linkin park, la fuga, marea…FAVOURITE WEBSITE: YouTubeHOBBIES: volleyball and going out with my friendsMY EXPECTATIONS ABOUT THE “PAST,PRESENT & FUTURE” COMENIUS PROJECT?I think that is good for us because […]

Ana 3C


Dear friend,
 I want to tell you all the good things that you have. I like you because:                              
I have been with you in the same class every year since we were four years old and I never argued with you. I think that you are a nice person and a good classmate and friend, you […]

Simoneta 3B

Hello! I am going to talk  about the Carnival of my village , Infiesto.Every year in Infiesto there is a party and the people wear very original fancy dresses .I always get dressed with my friends though this year I didn’t do it because I hadn’t got any ideas.Last year my friends and I got dressed as Pipi Lastrun. The fancy dress […]

Christian 3C

I want to tell you something.
I like you because you are a very good girl and a good friend.You are also a nice and funny girl.You are also very good at English.
You always help me in bilingual lessons because I usually get confused on the computer.
You have got  very good marks.You are a very cool […]

Irene 3B

St Valentine’s Day
Dear friend:
I want to tell you something that I think about you:
I like you because you are very sympathetic with me and you always
talk with me if I don’t feel all right.You are one of my best friend
and I really like you.You are nice,funny and friendly with all the people.
I also like you […]

Simoneta 3B

Dear friend: I want to tell you something , this card is for you because you are a special person .First, I like you because you have been my friend since we were little, and we have practiced athletics together since we were littke too.You have also got a lot of things, for axample: 

You are a […]

Aroa 3B

    Dear friend:I want to tell you something that I thinka of you:I like you because you are a good person and you also are a good friend.We don’t get on well but I think you are trendy and a fantastic person.You like the same sports as me. You play football with your friends in a […]

Sara 3C

Happy valentine´s day
I don´t know you very well but we were classmates in “ 1º E.S.O” and this year.
I think that you are a good person and a good friend.
You are very funny and you are often happy. 
Also, sometimes in class you are restless for example in Physics and Chemistry, but normaly you are calm.
I […]

Blanca 3B

  Dear friend:Iwant to tell you something.I like talking to you very much because you are very good person andif someone doesn’t fell well you always help him.You are laughting.You can play volleyball very well although you have entered volleyballvery rencently,I think that you will play in all the maches very soon.This year we aren’t together […]

Fernando 3C

Dear friend,
I must tell you that.I like you because
You are good person and a nice freind.You are generous but when I ask you for money you always tell me that you haven´t got any. I believe that you are sincere because you speak about your things.
In short; I think that you deserve this […]