Blanca 3B. ID Card

Miércoles 27 Febrero 2008

What about myself?MY DIGITAL CARDSURNAME: San Miguel SantosFIRST NAME: BlancaSEX: femaleDATE OF BIRTH: 25-06-1993COUNTRY: SpainSCHOOL: I.E.S InfiestoBLOGSITE: ; www.meetingpointblog.comFAVOURITE SUBJECTS: MathsFAVOURITE MUSIC: pop and rock, linkin park, la fuga, marea…FAVOURITE WEBSITE: YouTubeHOBBIES: volleyball and going out with my friendsMY EXPECTATIONS ABOUT THE “PAST,PRESENT & FUTURE” COMENIUS PROJECT?I think that is good for us because we can learn a lot about other cultures and we canlearn a lot of English vocabularyIF I WERE A THING/ANIMAL,I WOULD CHOOSE TO BE A… CatBECAUSE…They are very calm, they are always sitting and they love milk, like me.MY PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: Nothing is impossible.IF I LOOK IN THE MIRROR THIS IS WHAT I SEE (give a physical description of yourself)I have brown eyes and dark hair. I’m average tall and sportive. I usually wear casual clothes and tracksuits.BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ: Crepusculo, Luna Nueva, Eclipse.LANGUAGES I SPEAK: I can speak Spanish, English and bit of FrenchWHAT DO I CARRY IN MY POCKETS RIGHT NOW?I haven’t got any pockets now. But I usually carry my mobile, keys and some money.MY GOALS FOR THE FUTURE:I want to have four children, a good husband, a fast sport car and a big house.MY HERO/HEROIN WHY?Superman, because he can fly and he always saves the good people and killsthe bad ones.

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4 Comentarios para 'Blanca 3B. ID Card'

    7 Marzo 2008 | 11:43


    I don’t know what is this..but is very

    bye bye!!


    Irene 3B
    7 Marzo 2008 | 12:56

    Hi!Your ID card is very good!I know all the things that you write here!I also like La fuga, like you!!A cat?Really?I don’t know this!lol!bye bye I love you dear friend!XD

    7 Marzo 2008 | 12:56

    Hi!I’m María, your classmate.

    …mmm..What’s that of superman is your favourite hero??And What about Jake or Edward Cullen??! xD

    it’s a joke, hehe
    good entry!

    I love youuu!^^

    28 Marzo 2008 | 12:00

    i think that the sping are very beautiful.

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