Andrea 3B

Viernes 11 Abril 2008


I’m going to talk about what I do in Easter this year.
In the Easter holydays I go to Vega (my grandmother’s village).There I meet with my friends of Madrid. I enjoy all the days with them. I also enjoy with my little cousin Oscar (he only has 2 years and sometimes I care for him).
All the days I do my homework after the meal. Then I go with my friends and we go on bicycle or we go for a walk (the days that it isn’t rain). Other days we saw a film (the days that it is raining).The Saturday we meet with me friend of León. The Sunday my sister and I go to a village near Vega to play billiards sings in her uncle’s bar(but we don’t play very well). I don’t bored in this holydays but I think that they spend very fast (I wait for the summer holydays, because they are very long).

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