Andrea 3B

Viernes 11 Abril 2008

            SpringI’m going to talk about a memory that I remember that happened in the spring.One year ago (in March) some classmates and I went to Germany with Montse (my English teacher).We stayed in the homes of some Germans that were in the Comenius (like we).We also visited Colonia, the chocolate museum, Wipperfürth (a city near Düsseldorf), a castle, etc.

We enjoyed the trip and we didn’t want to go back home. I feel happy with this memory because I know other country. I would like to go to other counties that speak English (this year I go to Germany again, but not with the same people).

I think that spring is a good season because it has a big variety of flowers that other season hasn’t got. I also like this season because three of my four cousins were born in it.This is an acrostic poem of spring:

Sometimes sun

People feel good


In this season, life is in everything

No class in Easter

Gardens with a lot of flowers

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