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Viernes 11 Abril 2008



 I am going to write about my traditions in Easter, and how they influence our lifes.  Firs of all, at Easter, there are holidays at school, not many days, but it helps us for being rest for the last term.There are also the typical parades around our town, where most people of the town take place, just helping, or sometimes participating in the parade. The parade there is very good,I think that it’s beautiful. However the town is not very big, there are always many people watching it in amazement.  This year, the parade was fixed for the Saturday 22nd of March, and I was very hopeful with the parade, because this year was included many new things in it. But people feel disillusioned when the priest said that there won’t be parade,because of the rain that were falling over the town.That was a very bad new for everyone.  In Spain, we also eat the typical Easter egg, that many times is changed into other things, like cars, or things that children like more. The egg is given by the godfather of the child.  In short, I think that Easter is a very popular season for Christian people, because it means the resurrection of Jesus. And for pagan people, that it means just a party.It’s a good period of time, for rest and enjoy with the celebrities of your town.  I like it very much. That was all,I hope you’ll like it. Javi

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