Lucía Espina 2C

Viernes 11 Abril 2008


I like Easter because I can celebrate it with my family. I think that is one of the best year´s week because it´s holiday and it´s vrey funny.

First on Palm Sunday I went to the townhall´s square with my friends to bless our palms and then we went to church.

After taht, we went to “La Alpaca”, a big bar in Infiesto. Then I went back home to eat.

The rest of the Holy Week I surfed the Internet, I played, I saw films on TV With my friends.

Finally on Easter Sunday I went to church to celebrate this day. After that, I went ack home to have lunch with my family.

Lucía Espina

Montse, I´m Lucía Espina and I send you my poem:

Funny it´s teh spring

Love all people

Oceans aree blue and clean

Weather splendid

Earth spin very very quickly

Rabbits are very happy because they can jump in the camps

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