Artículos de Mayo 2008

Rodrigo 2ºC

     I’m going to talk about recycling. Recycling consists of separating the different materials that you can recycle: plastic, glass, paper, metal, cardboard, batteries and you can also recycle clothes for poor people.      First, I think recycling is important, because all the material that we throw away is contaminating the world. So if we recycle […]

Irene 2ºC

Hello!! In my house my family and I recycle every day, but it is difficult. In my house we usually recycle glass, paper, plastic and old clothes, because we think that it is important for the world to be clean and not to destroy the forests. We have three different containers, one green, one yellow and […]

Lucía 2º-c

First I’ m going to talking about recycling, because it is very important for the planet.
Then, I’ m going to explain my attitude to recycling. I don’t recycle because in my town there aren’t  any containers for the different materials but when I go to Gijon in the summer I usually recycling because containers are […]

Sergio 2ºC

                                            Let me talk about something that is becoming increasingly common in people’s mind:
·        Now recycling is critical for our future. People recycle many things such as […]

Mguel 2ºC

I’m going to talk about an important thing of today’s world: RECYCLING. It consists of separating the rubbish in different categories: plastic, glass and paper.
In my house we recycle all the rubbish. For example when we have an empty tomato jar we put it in a bag with other bottles. Also when we have read […]

Gracia 2ºB

Recyling is important for the future life on the Earth.
In my house my family and I recycle a lot of things. We recycle paper (blue container), glass (green container), plastic and cans (yellow container), when we finish some batteries we throw the batteries in the yellow container in a small hole, but we usually use […]

Romina Criado 2B

Now I’m going to talk about the recycling all around the world.


In my house recycling is a positive attitude. We have got some little containers: blue (for paper), yellow (for plastic) and green (for glass). All the nights we take […]

oscar 2b

I’m going to speak about recycling.
Recycling is very important, but the people aren’t interested in this thing.
In the past the people recycled more than now.
Recycling is losing.
In my house we always recycle.
We recycle everything because we must save the planet Earth.
I don’t use containers at home, I recycle in the containers on the street […]

Rodrigo 2ºg “tu’s”

I’m going to speak about recycling because i like our planet. Recycling is a good projet but the people don’t do it.
I recycle in my house all the days. I often recycle paper and plastic because I have the containers near my house. I use different containers in my home. The colours of the containers […]

Alberto 2b

I’M going talk about recycling because it helps the planet. I don’t recycl because there aren’t any containers in my village.I recycl sometimes .In my house sometimes we recycle paper ,glaas and bateries in diferents bags. My opinion is that recycling is very important because we can reuse the materials and save the trees for […]