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Lunes 17 Noviembre 2008

101_dalmatians1.jpg My experienceI’m going to talk about the first day that I had an epileptic fit.It happened in October of 12 years ago. I was watching ‘’101 Dalmatians’’ in the living room with my little sister (Natalia) and my childminder (Mª José).My sister and I were wearing a tracksuit because we were in my house and also because it was cold and cloudy but it didn’t rain.At the same time my mother was working in my grandmother’s sport shop.Suddenly my mother received a call phone of MªJosé, and she told to my mother that I fell in the floor and I was faint.After a few minutes my mother carried me to the hospital.I gave a great fright to my mother.Luckily I didn’t have more epileptic fits since 6 years ago.

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