Aroa 4ºB

Lunes 17 Noviembre 2008

natalia.jpgI am going to speak about my experience with a famous person.I was 8 years old when I went with my parents and my sister to the beach.There were my aunt, my uncle and my cousins.My cousins, my sister and me were playing on the beach all day.Afterwards,we all went to the concert of Natalia because my little cousin and me love Natalia.. When we looked at Natalia it was starting to rain and when Nalia was singing the second song one of the trees crashed and  fell over some people in front of us. We were scared and we left the concert immediately.

Finally I am writing it and now we can laugh a lot, but I will never forget this moment.

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    15 Marzo 2009 | 2:29

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