Pablo 4ºB

Lunes 17 Noviembre 2008

Rodrigo Toraño, Ronal, Christina, Mario, Ana, Dani and me were walking back home. We were in Whitstable, England, and it was a bit dark because the night was approaching. We were talking and laughing about our experences like every day after be at the beach seing the sea.When we were in a courner street we listened some voices shouting to us:-Bonjour! Bonjour!So I answered him shouting:-We’re Spanish!!In that moment, a group of boys started to follow us. We ran like never. We were really really scared.While we were crossing the road, we saw that they had finally disappeared. In that moment I really felt pleased to be safe and sound.We started to walk back home like everyday but that night we slept really well.

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