Simoneta 4ºB

Lunes 17 Noviembre 2008

hinaichigo011.jpgThe story I’m going to tell you happened when I was four years more less.One day my father bought me  calculator because the other didn’t work and he put the calculator on a table while I was playing with my toys. After  that I  looked at it  and I caught  it but my father looked at  me and didn’t let me take it. Then I was very angry and I wanted take a revenge  my father because he didn’tgive me the calculator.Then I was looking for the calculator over the house and eventually I found itIn a drawer. Finally I cought it and I hid under a table and I took all the keys out of the calculatorbut this wasn’t a good idea because my father found all the keys on the floor and he punished my.

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