Artículos de Febrero 2009

Secret valentine 4ºB

Thanks for being a good friend with me. I met you a lot of years ago and we go dancing together . You are very polite with others. I like your eyes and I think that you are a good dancer. I like laughing with you all the time. I like yours clothes because you […]


Dear Valentine,
I want to tell you all the good things that I like from you:
I like you because you’re a friendly person and you have lots of friends.
I also like you when you talk and argue with Pablo and Javi in “Ética” and History because we lose a lot of time and me and […]

Secret Valentine 4ºB

Dear friend:
I like you because you are a nice person and a great friend.You are also a sporty person.
I like your clothes because they are modern and I think that you are very good at volleyball.
Thank you because you make me laugh with some of your jokes.
We are in the same class of latin and […]

Secret Valentine 4ºB

I didn’t know you before this year, but now, we are in the same class, and it’s great to be with you.
I like you because you are easygoing, and you always are smiling because I believe you always think “don’t worry, be happy”. You have a good  sense of humour  and when I hear […]

Secret Valentine 4ºB

On saturday it will be a great day,it’s going to be a cool day for people to tell good things to each other.
I think that you’re very clever,specially at history and french.I think that we’ll be together in bachillerato,becuase we both like languages.
You’re also a sporty girl,you do athletics and today i realised that you’ll […]

Secret Valentine 4b

Thank you because you are a really intelligent person.
I like you because you use many phylosofical words and you are very funny, but your jokes aren’t very good, sorry.
I like your cloths and  and  you because you study very well and your notes are perfects, so CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!.

secret valentine 4ºB

You are an excelent friend although you sometimes laugh at me…. and I get very angry.
You  talk to me many times  when we are in the  music lessons.
In fact, I think that you are too innocent and very polite.
Finally , you are the best..!!!!
p.d( The person of the pressing catch eats a lot of ” […]

Secret Valentine 4ºB

Hello!I like you because you’re very very funny.You make me laugh a lot.You are always saying funny things in french classes and also in Portugal you made me laugh although you had not a good a good time in the travel from Lisboa to FAro.You’re very clever .And I like your clothes.Please never change!Best […]

Secret Valentine 4ºB

I like you because you are a good girl and because you  are always smiling.
Thank you because last year you sat with me in science and you helped me sometimes.
I like your clothes because they are very moderm and I also like your smile, also I like that
you always are dancing and singing and I […]

Secret Valentine 4B

Thank you because we are always laughing . I like you because you always help me when I don’t understand a word or something.
We like the same series and we always remember the phrase “zas in all the mouth “.
I like you because you like the same kind of video-games as me (shooter).
I hope  you  […]