Artículos de Marzo 2009

Secret Valentine 4º B

Dear Valentine:Since the last year we started to talk and I think we have a better relationship day a day.In these two years I had time enough to meet you, so I have to say you that you are one of the best persons I meet.You are a very very good friend, because you always […]

Secret valentine 4ºB

Thank you because you are always here when I need you. We have been  in the same class since 2º of Primary. I like you because you always laugh, because your voice is always in my heart. I remember when we stayed in 3º of Primary and Molina played jokes on us , you often […]

Secret valentine 4ºB

Dear Valentine’s:
Thank you because you make me laugh a lot. 
Also thank you because  sometimes you help me at P.E. with the circus activities because I’m so bad.
I don’t like you when you make me lose my concentration at exam of biology with your clothes!! 
However, I like you because you help everyone and you try to […]

Secret valentine

I like you because you a very good friend and classmate.
You are very happy and I have a very good time when I’m playing with you in ’’futbolin’’ and also at French class. You are always telling me that my jokes are very bad, but however, you always laugh a lot with them. We also […]


Thank you for living me everyday chocolates in the break. Sometimes you feel a lot of strees but you are responsible and jealous. You make me laugh when you have a flu. You are very sincere but sometimes you are very very stubborn. You help me in Arts because your mom is the teacher. All […]

Secret Valentine 3B

I am very lucky to have you, because you always help me in my homework, in SCR you are always get good marks in the test. You always say the truth, you are very honest. You are very patient because you stand me when I’m a real bore.

Secret Valentine 3º-B

Than you because you make me laugh. You are always funny , because you are telling jokes all the day.
When I need anything you lend me.
You are very honest and loyal. Also you are very kind with me, and when you look at me in the street you always says me: Hello! To me.
And other […]

secret valentine 3ºB

Thanks for all because you always are smiling and you make me laugh.
You always take my pencilcase and you take all my pens and you also take my umbrella in English class but then give them back to me and it is funny.
I like your jokes and how you are.
Don’t ever change.

Secret Valentine 3º B

Dear clasmate I like your qualitis, because you are sensible, kind, you also are motivate  when you do an exam and you are responsible.
Althought I sometimes play jokes on you, you always are tolerant with me. You also are sporty, honest and you like desing houses in The Sims.

Scret valentine 3ºB

Dear friend:
I like your clothes so much because they’re very colourful and beautiful.
Thank you for you smile because I always smile when this appear thank you for talking with me in P.E.
You’re very intelligent and funny!! You like Green Day, the same as me and you did with me a project for the class […]