Crazy Campaign 4ºB

Lunes 4 Mayo 2009






Due to people lose a lot of time going to supermarkets and some of them have to walk a lot, if you vote me, I’ll give Money to the masters of the supermarkets to hire more workers to bring the food to our houses, like in pizza’s companies.

So we’ll only have to telephone the supermarket or send an e-mail with our shopping list and direction and in a few time, the transporter will be in our door with the shopping.

So, finally, if you don’t want to walk anymore to the supermarkets ,vote me!


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2 Comentarios para 'Crazy Campaign 4ºB'

    laura 4b
    4 Mayo 2009 | 13:51

    I think that your campaignn is very interesting because we can be on our houses to relax and others make our work.

    4 Mayo 2009 | 13:51

    I agree with you, it’s a good idea, but it’s a little bit difficult give money to supermarkets because of the crisis.

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