Dear Valentine 3ºA

Martes 9 Febrero 2010

I’ve known for two years, sometimes you’re funny but only when you want to be, because there are also times when you’re a bit silly but only sometimes. The bad thing about you is that you are a lazy for almost everything because you don’t make your homework everyday. 

I like you hair because it looks like the singers of heavy metal and you like heavy metal but to me it is the most horrible music in the world.

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2 Comentarios para 'Dear Valentine 3ºA'

    Cliff ´em all
    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:02

    lazy lazy ,,, it´s true haha but heavy metal is okay ¬¬

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:17

    All this it’s true, Unai it’s lazy but is a really good friend. Olaya do you hate heavy metal??

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