Dear Valentine 3ºA

Martes 9 Febrero 2010

Dear Adriana:I’ve known you for eight years, more or less.You are brown haired and beautiful. You are really nice, friendly and very talkative.Some years ago, we went to the same Music School. You played the sax and I played the piano.

We weren’t very close friends, but now we are, because we are in the same class.


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4 Comentarios para 'Dear Valentine 3ºA'

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:05

    Evaa!! I love you soo much. Really thanks you for your letter. I like it a lot!! You are a good friend, very honest and nice. I want be your friend for ever!!

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:12

    eva i like ur text and im agree with u
    lovee u (adriana y eva)

    Caar :)
    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:12

    I like the photo, it’s very original! And in five days is going to make a year since we got married xP I love you!

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:13

    Thanks too for the photo it´s soo pretty and it came some good memories from our year in the music school. I’m happy because now we are good friend:D:D:D

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