Dear Valentine 3ºA

Martes 9 Febrero 2010

Dear Olaya, I’ve known you since we started the high school. You are blonde and you have straight hair. I think you are a very nice person and I laugh a lot with you, especially at Science time.Clue: You shout a lot in class and you are usually late! I want you to come to Lugo!


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3 Comentarios para 'Dear Valentine 3ºA'

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:18

    Thanks Carmen!(: I love this article is really beautiful and funny :D I really like the photo, the girl looks like me. I have to go over to Lugo!

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:19

    Oh my God! Olaya is really beautiful here! hahaha
    Maybe she is too young, but she’s got fair hair like now!
    I don’t want you to go to Huesca, I’m going to be bored!
    I love you! :)

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:19

    Yes, the girl is very similar to you…xD
    I didn’t find a better photo hahaha
    Love you!

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