Martes 9 Febrero 2010


Dear Valentine.

I’ve known you for about 10 years.Your dog is small and white and you’re small to.Your dog is a Machomen and you’re a Machomen. Also your dog made bad things whit a cuddle toy but I don’t wont to know if you make bad things with a cuddle toy. Your dog is going to lose his virginity in 10 days and well about you it is beater not to speak.I like your dog but you need cold water showers a your dog to.Whit love( but not the type of love you’re thinking)  

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3 Comentarios para 'DEAR VALENTINE 3A'

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:16

    Why do you need cold water showers?

    9 Febrero 2010 | 15:19

    This is a good description. But it’s a good description for my dog.You do not write about me. However, thanks. Pd: Tigre don’t do this with cuddle, although the foto is good. And Tirgre isn’t… it’s iqual. ¡In may Tigre will be dad! and I will be second cosin. youn are a good friend. but you are another tiger…

    28 Febrero 2010 | 0:43

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