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Pablo 4ºB

Rodrigo Toraño, Ronal, Christina, Mario, Ana, Dani and me were walking back home. We were in Whitstable, England, and it was a bit dark because the night was approaching. We were talking and laughing about our experences like every day after be at the beach seing the sea.When we were in a courner street we […]

Simoneta 4ºB

The story I’m going to tell you happened when I was four years more less.One day my father bought me  calculator because the other didn’t work and he put the calculator on a table while I was playing with my toys. After  that I  looked at it  and I caught  it but my father looked at […]

andrea 4ºB

 My experienceI’m going to talk about the first day that I had an epileptic fit.It happened in October of 12 years ago. I was watching ‘’101 Dalmatians’’ in the living room with my little sister (Natalia) and my childminder (Mª José).My sister and I were wearing a tracksuit because we were in my house and […]

Fernando 4ºB

The eighth of August this summer I was having lunch at my uncle´s house because of my cousin´s birthday.Then when I finished eating I decided to go to the swimming pool so I caught my bicycle. While I was riding suddenly I saw a bump on the road but it was too late to stop […]

Aroa 4ºB

I am going to speak about my experience with a famous person.I was 8 years old when I went with my parents and my sister to the beach.There were my aunt, my uncle and my cousins.My cousins, my sister and me were playing on the beach all day.Afterwards,we all went to the concert of Natalia […]

Miguel 4ºB

The killer beach.
A few years ago my father and me went to the beach for having a good time.
We were on the beach, the people were walking along  and some children were playing with a ball, when a wave removed their ball, I laughed so much. After eating some snacks, my father and I went […]

Ronald 4ºB

This story happened in summer 2006.It was August and it was a beautiful evening, the temperature was hot and there were no clouds in the sky.Javi and I were cycling from Santianes to Infiesto, and it was very dangerous a dangerous road.Javi started to cycle faster than me and I only could see Javier very […]

Aitana 4ºB

My experience
I am going to talk about one experience that I lived last year.It was a winter and I went to the cinema with my friend.When we were in the cinema my friend went to the bathroom and she wouldn´t come and after 10 minutes I started hearing some noises in the room.The noises were […]

Manuel 4ºB

My experience
I’m going to talk about an interesting thing I’ve live:
A sunny Sunday, in Monte Areo, Gijón.I was participating on an orienteering race, with some friends when suddenly, we heard a shot and we started to run faster to finish quikly. When we finish a man told us that there were people hunting this day […]

Christian 4B

Last winter I was in Germany in a school travel, we were in a class when I said to my friend “the teacher is very´´ in Spanish .Suddenly the teacher told me, “thanks´´ in Spanish. She understand me, she knew Spanish. I was very ashamed.