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Noelia 3B

I like drama very much . I enjoy it a lot when I go to the theatre or when somebody performs one character in the class .
Last years , especially at school , I played different roles , but I didn’t like it because I am very shy , and I […]

Irene 3B

Drama at school
I’m going to talk about drama at school. I’ll explain what it is about and tell you my experience with drama.
Drama at school is a very good idea because I think it helps us to know other people better and is very funny. The project consist of doing a dialogue with a group […]

Rodrigo Toraño 3ºB

I’m going to tell you something about drama at school:
I started drama on the first year at school. I’m in the school’s group of theatre. It’s very funny and you laugh a lot when you are practising. The timid persons get too nervous when they are acting, but if you think of your role you […]

Romina Criado 3ºB

DRAMA AT SCHOOL In this text I’m going to talk about my experience about theatre and my opinion about the drama at school. When I was ten years old I was in a group of theatre in the school. We were a group of friends and we had a teacher. First year we did a […]

Lucia M 3º- B

I `m going to speak about drama at school.I think that doing drama at school is a good idea and very funny. When I was a child I used to play at school. At Christmas all the students made a party and the Three Wise Men came to school and they gave presents for us.Also […]

VAlentin 3ºb

Drama at school
I am going to speak about Drama at school and how it helps us.
Theatre at school is very good for us because it helps us to speak English ands it is very interesting because we laugh a lot .
The plays Little Red Riding Hood is very interesting project.
I like drama at school […]

Oscar 3ºb

                                              DRAMA AT SCHOOL
I’m going to speak about the drama at school.
Drama at school is very funny because we laugh while we make the theatre and we learn to peak a english better
Now we are going to do a Christmas sketch.
In conclusion, this is very good for us.

Gracia 3ºB

Drama at school
The theatre is very old. The Greeks and the Romans did it.
I think that the theatre is so good for us because we can feel different things and it’s good because we learn to study and to talk with people, we learn things of the life, of the history and new words.
I don’t […]

Lucia Espina 3ºB

Drama at school -I’m going to talk about drama at school.  I think that is a good project for all students. -I think that it is good for us, because if we do drama in English it means that we are improving our level of English.  For the people that are timid it’s also good because they […]

Little Red Riding Hood in the future

Now, read about Little Red Riding Hood in the future. It is great!!  Little Red Riding Hood in the future