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They are Gissella and Sara.We like the Halloween party, it’s very funny and frightening,.She(Gissella) was dressed as a witch and I (Sara) was dressed  as a dead woman.


We are Elba and Olaya. We are in 1º E.S.O, we like english but it’s complicated…
 On Wednesday we are 1 hour more in the high school.
Our teacher is funny She lets us play  with the computer, wach a movie…  We are waching the legend of Zorro

Hi! My name is Raquel. This is my first year in the institute of Posada de Llanera. I am twelve years old, and I  in the class of 1º A ESO. The institute is very funny and interesting. I like this blog.

We have a blog in Llanera

We have a blog with lots of things to do in art lessons. It is called hello plástica! You can visit it in Enlaces


We celebrated a Halloween party at school. Some of us were wearing costumes. We had a very good time.