30 03 2013

In Samandira Tecnik Ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi teachers were received by their Principal, Mr. Huseyn Gumus whom we have already known as part of the  Turkish delegation  that visited Spain last November. He welcomed us and explained us  the programme of meetings and visits we were going to carry out along the week. IES Valle de Aller gave him the coat of arms from Aller , our city council, from the part of our Major, Mr. David Moreno, and some books about Asturias for Samandira Lisesi library.

En Samandira Teknik Ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi, los profesores fueron recibidos por su director, Huseyn Gumus, a quien ya conocimos como parte de la delegación turca que visito España el pasado mes de noviembre. Husyen nos dió la bienvenida y nos explicó el programa de encuentros y visitas que ibamos a realizar durante la semana. El IES Valle de Aller le hizo entrega del escudo de armas del concejo de Aller, de parte de nuestro Alcalde, David Moreno, así como de unos libros sobre Asturias para la biblioteca del centro.

After that, we could taste a real Turkish coffee with a “fortuneteller” sesion reading the coffee sediments.

Después, pudimos degustar un auténtico café turco, con una sesión de “adivinar el futuro” a través de la lectura de los posos del café.


29 03 2013

2nd day: Tuesday, 19 March, at school

2º Día: Martes, 19 marzo, en el Instituto

After breakfast, we took the bus to go to school. We were a bit anxious to know our tutkish parterns and to share our ideas with them and the rest of the country partners.

Después de desayunar, cogimos el autobus para ir al instituto. Tenimos muchas ganas de conocer a nuestros compañers turcos y de compartir nuestra ideas con ellos y con el resto de compañeros.

He is our bus driver in most of out trips to school and arounds. Thank you very much because we really learnt it was a difficult task to drive in Istambul (We haven´t seen so many cars togeteher, I promise) So congratulations!!!!

Este es el conductor de nuestro autobus a la escuela  en la mayoria de nuestros viajes. Le agradecemos su talento porque es realmente una tarea difcil conducir por Estambul (Nunca habiamos visto tanto tráfico, de verdad). Por ello, gracias!!!.

And finally, we arrive at school. Samandira Teknik Ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi

We will report our experience there..

Y finalmente llegamos al Instituto, Samandira Teknik Ve Endüstri Mesle Lisesi.

Ya os contaremos…….


29 03 2013

On 18 th March our first mobility students from KPUP Comenius project moved to Istambul to take part in the visit that our partern school Samandira Tecnik School has organized according to our programme. Four students and three teachers from IES Valle de Aller took part in this fantastic adventure organized by our associated partners from Turkey, coordinated by Ismail Kirbas, Comenius coordinator in  SAMANDIRA TEKNIK VE ENDÜSTRI MESLEK LISESI

El lunes, 18 de marzo iniciamos nuestro primer encuentro dentro del proyectioComenius KPUP a Estambul para particiar en la visita que el Instituto Samandira Teknik School ha organizado de acuerdo con el programa previsto.

1st day:  Monday: Travel and arrival

1er día: lunes: Viaje y llegada


It was a very long journey to arrive at our final destination but we were looking forward to arriving and meeting our colleagues.

Fue un largo viaje para llegar a nuestro destino pero estabamos desendo llegar y conocer a nuestros compañeros.

Finally, we arrived at Istambul Airport. We were to meet our Lithuanian partners first….

Finalmente, llegamos al aeropuerto de Estambul. Conocimos a nuestros compañeros Lituanos en primer lugar.

This is our first photo from Istambul. Our first impression crossing the Bosphorus by bus.

Esta es nuestra primera foto de Estambul. Nuestra primera impresión al cruzar el Bósforo en autobus.

And this is our hotel the night we arrived with our Lithuanian partners in the KPUP Comenius project.

Y este es nuestro hotel la noche que llegamos con nuestros compañeros Lituanos del Proycto Comenius KPUP

IES Valle de Aller students visiting Turkey next week

16 03 2013

Let me introduce you the group of Spanish students from IES Valle de Aller who will visit our partner country, Turkey next week, from 18Th to 24th March. They are all studying 4º ESO in our school and they are the ambasssadors to present the work developed in our school about “Knowing the past to understand the present” our Comenius project.

We are going to intoduce them one by one. First the girls:

I´m  Covadonga Llamas

I´m  Lucia Gutierrez

And the guys…

I´m Adrián Fernández

I´m Javier Rodríguez

And this is our programme for next week. We promise to give you a complete report of the visit and the things we learn about Turkish History


Our romanian partners reporting the project.

13 03 2013

Just have a look about how our romanian project parnerts are working on our  Comenius project….

Congratulations to C N Radu Negru and  especially to Eugenia Bica, the Comenius Coordinator of

the project.

A brief History of ROMANIA-TURKEY relations

12 03 2013

Our romanian partners in KPUP Comenius project have ellaborated this interesting report about the historical relations between two of the associated countries in the project: Romania and Turkey.

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Brief History of Turkey

6 03 2013


The history of Turkey begins with the migration of Oghuz Turks into Anatolia in the context of the larger Turkic expansion, forming the Seljuq Empire in the 11th century AD. After the Seljuq victory over forces of the Byzantine Empire in 1071 at the Battle of Manzikert, the process was accelerated and the country was referred to as ‘Turchia’ in Europe as early as the 12th century. The Seljuq dynasty controlled Turkey until the country was invaded by the Mongols following the Battle of Kosedag.

During the years when the country was under Mongol rule, some small Turkish states were born. One of these states was the Ottoman beylik which quickly controlled Western Anatolia and conquered much of Rumelia. After finally conquering Istanbul, the Ottoman state would become a large empire, called the Turkish Empire in Europe.

Next, the Empire expanded to Eastern Anatolia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, Central Europe and North Africa. Although the Ottoman Empire’s power and prestige peaked in the 16th century; it did not fully reach the technological advance in military capabilities of the Western powers in the 19th century.

Nevertheless, Turkey managed to maintain independence though some of its territories were ceded to its neighbours and some small countries gained independence from it. Following World War I in which Turkey was defeated, most of Anatolia and Eastern Thrace was occupied by the Allied powers including the capital city Istanbul.

In order to resist the occupation, a cadre of young military officers formed a government in Ankara. The elected leader of the Ankara Government, Mustafa Kemal organized a successful war of independence against the Allied powers.

After the liberation of Anatolia and Eastern Thrace, the Republic of Turkey was established in 1923 with its capital at Ankara.