15 01 2014

The Comenius Play Contest, held in Valeriu Literat Museu, Romania, Fagaras 9th Oct.2013


1. To demonstrate effectiveness of teamwork on the subjects of the Project

2. To provide a measure of performance in our school activities

3. To review and enhance the learning that is facilitated by tis project

4. To recognize the best as encouragement to all


Collaboration and competitition are important issues in education, both in the past and in the present because they are part of every culture. Since education should transmit culture, it is necessary to incorporate collaboration and competition into education to help our students get usd to them in later life.

Since it is natural for students to compete and collaborate, in our society teamwork and competitition have become more and more effective in the learning process and, therefore, it is understable that a play contest must be put to educational use in our KPUP project.


1. Acting          40 p

- Characterization (actors understand carácter objectives, tactics, confict, the have commiment to emotional context) 10 p

- Use of voice (control of energy levels, vocal variety) 10p

- Movement    10p

- Teamwork, use of stage space 10p

2. Originality  20 p

3. Use of English (Vocabulary and gramar )   10 p

4. Relevance to the theme of the Project (Knowing the Past to Understand the Present)  10 p

5. Costumes, props  5 p

6. Dramatic Achievement  10 p

Here you can see some pictures of the different plays:

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