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Every KPUP country prepared a typical dish from their country. Previously they have sent the recipe of the dish to Escuela de Hosteria IES Valle de Aller. Some of them even brougt some ingredients difficult to get here.

Cada uno de los países del KPUP preparó un plato típico de su zona. Previamente, nos habían enviado la receta de su plato a la Escuela de Hostelería del IES Valle de Aller. Algunos de ellos incluso trajeron algunos ingredientes que eran díficiles de encontrar aquí. 

Every delegation was guided, in the Culinary Arts School of IES Valle de Aller, by a team of students from the upper level in different positions in the School kitchen. All the dishes were elaborated at the same time.

Cada delegación, fue asesorad, en la Escuela de Hostelería del IES Valle de aller, por un equipo formado por alumnos del 1º Curso del Ciclo Superior de Dirección de Cocina, en diferentes puestos en las instalaciones de cocina. Todos los platos se elaboraron al mismo tiempo.


Romanian fish soup


-1kg of Sturgeon or Catfish meat
-3-4 Potatoes
-1 Onion
-1 Carrot
-100g of Heavy Cream
-1 Egg
-1 Bunch of Dill
-About 2 Liters of Water
-1 Green Bell Pepper

Preparation:In a large cooking pot put the water together with the salt and pepper and let it begin to boil.In the meanwhile cut the potatoes,carrot,green bell pepper and onion into fairly large pieces.Also debone the sturgeon and cut the meat into 1 inch cubes.When the water begins to boil throw in the vegetables and let them simmer for about 5-7 minutes then add the fish chunks also.Let the fish and vegetable boil for about 15-20 minutes.In this time chop up the dill and also in a mixing bowl put the heavy cream with a cup of water and the cracked egg,mix it all together.After the 20 minutes have passed add the cream and egg mixture into the soup whisking constantly so it doesn’t form clumps.At the end add the chopped dill and enjoy this delicious soup.
Tip: Server with “mamaliguta” (polenta ) and a hot pepper.Also this is best made on an open fire in a large cooking pot.


1-For breakfast…..Tomatoes,green peppers,eggs,onion,salt…..Food name is MELEMEN

2-For dinner…rice,yogurt,salt…Food name is SARMA

3-Sweet ……granulated sugar,coconut  ..Food name is KEMALPASA

4-Pasta …Yogurt,red name is MANTI


 ”Janssons frestelse”


6 big yellow onions


3 kg potatoes (the firm kind, the ones you do not make mash with)


100 gram butter


8 dl Cream for whipping (not creme fraiche)


4 dl milk (fat 3 % or something like that)


1 dl breadcrumbs (finally grated)






2 dl sugar


2 tablespoon Rhom


50 gr fresh yeast. (If you do not have it I will bring it)


200 gr butter


5 dl milk (fat milk 3 % or more)




800 gr wheat flour


1 dl raisin


1 egg


”Cinnamon bun”


50 gr   yeast


200 gr butter

3 dl milk (3% or more)


2 dl sugar


4 teaspoon cinnamon


1 egg


Cepelinai and Šaltibarščiai (Cold beetroot soup)

A recipe for Cepelinai:


Boiled potatoes: 1 kilo

Potatoes (raw): 4 kilos

Starch: 4 spoonfuls

Curd: 1kilo 200 grams

Salt, pepper, marjoram.

Mince boiled potatoes (we’ll need a mincer). Grate raw potatoes and add to boiled potatoes. Add  4 spoonfuls of starch. Mix it.

Mash curd, add some salt.

Take some mixture of potatoes, make a small ball, press it to make it flat. Put on it some dressing, make balls, the dressing should be inside (surrounded by the mixture of potatoes). Boil them in water with some starch for about 20 minutes. Before adding some starch to boiling water, you have to mix it (about 2 spoonfuls) with some hot water.

A recipe for Šaltibarščiai (Cold beetroot soup)


4 cucumbers

Some dill

Spring onion: 200 grams

4 boiled eggs

Kefir : 1 liter

Salt, pepper

Heavy cream: 1 glassful

Boiled beetroots: 200 grams

Potatoes: 2 kilos

Stir kefir with some salt, add grated beetroots, cut onions and spring onions, dill, eggs, cucumbers and mix them.

Add some heavy cream.

Serve the soup with boiled potatoes.

And this was the result:

Y éste fue el resultado: 

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