Remember, remember…the 5th of November.

In Britain, every November the 5th people burn effigies in bonfire during celebrations with lots of fireworks: it’s Guy Fawkes Night! it’s a special day in honour of a historic event.

In November 1605 a group of men made a plan to blow up the House of Parliament (the government buildings) in London. The plan is known as the “Gunpowder Plot”. A man called Guy Fawkes had been commissioned to set off the explosion. The police found the gunpowder before it exploded and they caught the people involved in the plot. They were tortured and killed. From that day forward, people of England have a bonfire with Fawkes’ effigie and fireworks every 5th of November.


•What was the Gunpowder Treason?

•When and where did it take place?

•Who was Guy Fawkes?

•Which film sets the Gunpowder Plot as historical inspiration?

There is as well a traditional rhyme about the Gunpowder Plot popularised by the movie V for Vendetta:


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