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Archive for June 30th, 2008

What is a “Veggie”?

Posted by CRISTINA CABAL DIAZ under General, The English Language
Well, I  don’t know what I am, that’s why I have dedicated some time to finding an answer to what I am or rather to what  I eat or don’t eat. For me,one of the most tiring things about not eating what everybody around me  eats is having to hide the fact that  I just eat differently and having everybody around me worried about what they might offer me; so, when my friends and I go to a party or birthday or whatever occasion where food is involved I ask them not to attract attention to my eating habits. I can tell you it’s not fun struggling to make people understand that I won’t eat anything cooked with meat and what is worst, trying to explain that even though they remove the chicken or the meat I still won’t eat it.
The word “vegetarian” is a blanket term used to describe somebody who does not eat meat, poultry, fish or seafood. But then, within this term there exist different sub-groups.
VEGAN . This person doesn’t eat any animal products or by products and this includes cheese, milk… some of them don’t even wear leather or wool.
LACTO-VEGETARIAN : The same as vegans but they eat dairy products
OVO- VEGETARIAN : The same as vegans but they eat eggs
 OVOLACTO VEGETARIANS  are by far the largest group of vegetarians
SEMI-VEGETARIAN are not vegetarians strictly-speaking as they may eat fish but not meat or the other way round.
Silly things people say to vegetarians ….. when given the chance. I don’t any more.
  • So what do you eat? A lot of salad? 
  • Can’t you just pick out the bits of meat in (insert name of dish here) and eat the rest of it?
  • You should feel bad about the pain and suffering you’re causing all those plants you’re eating.
  • What did you say gelatin was made of? You’re joking.
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