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Well, gentle reader. It’s been one month since  my last post.I’ve been darn busy. Doing what? You may ask (or not) but I am going to tell you anyway.
The first fortnight of July I have been collaborating with Richmond London carrying out some review work for a textbook mainly intended for adults. I quite enjoyed this as it is something different from teaching.
Then the second fortnight of July and a bit of August I have been writing a project about School Libraries that has taken me  too long I should say . So as you can see I’ve been busy enough and now….. on Sunday I am leaving for London.
What am I going to do there? I am going to take a course…. yes, a boring course about methodology so when this next course I enter my classes you will see a “brush-up -your- English” kind of teacher … or so. To tell you the truth it is not as dull as it may seem as I hope to have a great time there.I am going to study in a prestigious school called International School in Covent Garden and I’ll be staying in a very nice area near King’s Cross  . The place is called Nido’s and it looks very smart. I cannot recommend it yet but it looks perfect to me.
Hey London!!! Get ready !! I’m coming!! Beso

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