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Yes, exactly. This is what I am .
You surely remember that some time ago I wrote something about the different kinds of vegetarians , namely, vegan , ovo-vegetarian , lacto-ovo… and I remember that I didn’t know what to call myself, although it was crystal clear to me that I was not a vegetarian.
Well,  I am a pescatarian . New word , by the way. So new, that some British people don’t even know what it means, at least , yet.
It was my teacher in London who taught me this new word. I was so happy with my new acquisition that I jumped at the first opportunity to use it. So, there I was, at a cafe asking for a sandwich.
“What is in there?” I asked the waiter, pointing suspiciously at a sandwich.
“Chicken” he said .
“And this other one?”
Every single time he told me the contents of the sandwich I said “no, no..”
I imagine he was getting quite tired of me when he asked :
“What the hell are you…  a vegetarian?
“No, I am a pescatarian.” I happily admitted.
“What on earth is this? “he snapped at me
And, there was a girl behind me, probably as angry at me as the waiter who explained to the man behind the counter  that a pescatarian is someone  who abstains  from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish.
So this is it… you already know what a pescatarian is.
Now , this is homework  …. What is a flexitarian??

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  1. Maria Jose Said,

    Someone who eats both meat and fish? Who knows?
    I visit your blog from time to time and I have a very good time reading your posts that I find so funny as well as interesting.

  2. Elena Espina Said,

    I’ve just recommended my students to read your posts on vegetarians, though I have to confess that , as far as food is concerned, I am more like the dog at the end of your post: a “meat-arian”???

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