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Can you solve this puzzle?
My name’s Frank. Who is my  mother’s younger sister’s father’s bother-in-law’s wife’s father’s only great grandson? My uncle is called John and his father is called Jim. Jim has got two brothers Jack and Jeremy.

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  1. Bego Said,

    The brother-in-law’s wife’s father is Frank’s mother’s grandfather therefore he’s Frank’s great-grandfather, and the correct answer is Frank.

  2. Carmen Cuéllar Said,

    The answer is Frank. I´ll help you. Imagine I´m Frank, so my mother´s younger sister is my aunt whose father is my grandfather,isn´t he?. My grandfather´s brother-in-law´s wife is my grandfather´s sister whose father is my great grandfather, so I´m his great grandson.

  3. Ángeles Peláez Velasco Said,

    The answer is Frank.
    Suppose that I am Frank, my mother has a younger sister, so their father is the same and he is my grandfather.
    My grandfather has also a sister and their father is my great grandfather or I am his great grandson.
    John, Jim, Jack and Jeremy are not important to solve the puzzle.

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