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Sent by Mario Pelaez, one of my students. Thanks a lot, Mario
“I’ve liked this song since I was a child” Mario says
It was released in 1973. The title track is one of Joel’s signature tracks and a seminal song in piano rock. It remains a concert standard, and is the source of Joel’s nickname, Piano man.
About the song…well, I think it’s so moving. It’s a song about people who are disappointed with a part of their lives, about people who still believe in their dreams even thought they haven’t been able to make them come true, and the central character of the song is the pianist, the “piano man”, who plays to alleviate their pain, to make them forget about their lives for a while…

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  1. Andrea Szalata Said,

    I am really surprised because I´ve never met anyone who liked this song.
    I think it´s my favourite song .
    When I was a child my father all the nights made me dream with it and I remember the lyrics with a special feeling.
    In my opinion ,it´s a very special and emotive song.

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