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According to the definition of the Wikipedia  a practical joke or prank is a stunt or trick to purposely make someone feel foolish or victimized, usually for humor. The term “practical” refers to the fact that the joke consists of someone doing something (a practice), rather than a verbal or written joke.
In Western culture, April Fools’  Day  is a day traditionally dedicated to performing practical jokes. Another day common for pranks and practical jokes is Halloween, in the form of Trick ot Treat.
And… I fell prey to  practical jokers, namely , my closest friends. . I’ll tell you what happened. It was Christmas time and I had decided to invite my friends for dinner on New Year’s Eve. They were about 14 people .My friends tried to put me off the idea of celebrating at home because they thought  it was going to be too much work  for me. But I happily told them that I was going to have everything delivered to me by the Corte Inglés Catering Service.So, I called this company and agreed on the menu and on having it delivered on the afternoon of the 31st .And I proudly told my friends that I had everything under control. Silly of me!
On the morning of that very same day  I got a phone call , very businesslike by the way, where a very professional voice ,or so it seemed to me ,asked to talk to Ms Cabal  and told me that she was going to put me through the Catering Department of El Corte Inglés. I thought it was to confirm the delivery time. To my surprise , I was told that my menu could not be delivered as I had failed to book it within the deadline. Politely , I told them I had phoned them within  the right period but they apologised and said it couldn’t be done. The more I tried to convince them , the angrier I got until finally I threatened to sue them . I was so angry and frustrated. I asked to talk to whoever was in charge of The Customer’s Service .When they put me through and I started to complain I heard people laughing . It had all been a practical joke from my friends phoning from the office they work in and everybody in the office had listened to me as they had set the phone in the  hands-free mode and about 10 people  were laughing at my frustration.
 What about you? Have you ever played a practical joke on someone  or maybe been the victim of one?

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  1. Aida Ibáñez Said,

    The practical joke I’m going to talk about happened two years ago. The people who were involved in it were my grandfather, my aunt (who is a barrister) and her work colleagues.
    My grandfather has an old small dog called Katty. Actually, she’s pretty quiet and nice. One of my aunt’s work colleagues phoned my grandfather and told him that she was working for the city council; To convice him, she told him some of his personal details like name,adress….Anyway, she informed him that he must go urgently to the veterinary surgeon and leave his dog there so they could insert a special chip into her body required on all dangerous dogs. My grandfather was so surprised that he couldn’t believe it becuse Katty is rather a calm dog. He tried to persuade her that his dog was really quiet and then he told her that he didn’t want to do anything. Meanwhile, my aunt and her workmates were laughing at him because they were listening .
    In the end, my aunt phoned my grandfather and told him that all had been a joke. Luckily, my grandfather wasn’t seeing red at all.

  2. Lucía LLaneza Galbán Said,

    Although it might be impossible to believe I have never been the victim of a practical joke so I’m going to talk about a practical joke that happened to my father a year ago.
    Everything started one morning when my father’s mobile phone rang, he picked up the phone and a young man asked him for a car that he was interested in. The young man said that he had come across the car in an ad of a newspaper called “El Cero”. My father told him that his car wasn’t on sale. Two hours later, my father’s mobile phone rang again and another man told him that he was interested in my father’s car. My father hung up the phone and went to buy the newspaper at the newsagent’s. He opened the newspaper and looked right in the for-sale-cars section. He was very surprised because his car was for sale! He spend the whole day thinking about that. He thought that it had to be a confusion but it wasnt. At night, one of my father’s friends called him and said that it had been a joke. At first, my father was a little bit angry but then he started to laugh and called the newspaper to remove the ad and no one else called him again.

  3. Lucia Fernández Zapico Said,

    It was my birthday and my friends and I were going to watch a film in one of my friend’s house. When I arrived at the bus stop ,all my friends were there but nodoby congratulated me . I was surprised but I didn’t say anything.
    When we arrived in La Felguera and we were walking towards my friend’s house I said.
    -What day is it today?
    -Today is.. the fourth of April.- One of my friends said.
    -And what happens today?
    -Oh, I don’t know.
    I was so angry..And I said.
    -But today is my birthday! How can you forget it?
    Everybody ignored me. I couln’t believe it!
    But when we arrive at my friend’s house I understood everything.
    All the house was decorated with balloons, with photos, there was food, drink…
    Everybody was laughing, me too. It just was a joke.

  4. Andrea Szalata Said,

    I have a very absent -minded friend, her name is Laura , and she is always miles away, so she is usually involved in all the jokes.
    One day when she , another friend and I were coming back from Oviedo on the train , she learnt an important lesson.
    She always gets off the train in La Felguera because she lives near this place but that day my friend said to her “Laura ,come on!,We are in La Felguera” and Laura stood up and got off the train fast . The train began to move and she understood that she was in Peñarrubia.
    My friend and I were making fun of her when five minutes later she called us saying” You´re stupid, it isn´t La Felguera, come and fetch me fast!” Then her brother ,who was involved in the joke too, carried her home.
    Since then, she has always been alert.

  5. Cristina García Fernández Said,

    The only practical joke that I have ever been victim of, or at least the only one that I remember, is one of the day that we went away to Terra Mythical.
    We were rushing down the waterfall in a few plastic doughnuts and when we arrived at the end of it , a man began to wet us from above. God, that was disgusting! . I thought: ” I am going to kill him!” , but suddenly he started laughing and I understood that it was only warm water that a staffman was spraying on us with a hose. At last ,everybody ended up laughing, but when the joke was being played, it wasn’t very funny, I promise it!

  6. Emilio Said,

    Well, during all the years that I’ve been playing football , we have played a lots of jokes to another player of the team.
    One of the funniest was as follows. While one of our mates was taking a shower ,some of the others took his trainers and put them in the other changing room.When he came out of the shower he had to run to the other changing room ,take his trainers and return. When he returned , everyone was laughing because while he was taking his trainers we hid his bag and he also had to look for it.This type of jokes are played in every training.

  7. Beatriz Pañeda Said,

    I’m going to tell you a funny practical joke that happened last Saturday. The victim was one of my friends.

    Six friends of mine and I had been shopping IN Parque Principado.We went to Fnac because we wanted to listen to some music.The victim of this practical joke bought a CD.He went to the cash desk and paid it.However, when he went out of the shop, the alarm rang.We all began to laugh except him. The safety watchman came up to him. He checked that the CD was paid, so he decided to search my friend. Everybody in the shop was looking at him. He was very embarrassed.

    Luckily,the man didn’t find anything and let my friend leave. We couldn’t stop laughing because we knew what had happened: one of my friends had stuck the price of another article on his T-shirt!!! When we said it to him,he got a bit angry with us. But, in the end, he thought it had been quite funny.

  8. María Pardo Fernández Said,

    I’m going to tell you a funny story I read some years ago. Mr Whitson was a teacher of a Science subject. On the first day, he explained to his pupils a lesson about a creature called the cattywampus. The cattywampus was a nocturnal animal that had been wiped millions of years ago. This animal carried on its back lights of five colours, therefore the cattywampus could be easilty found . The colour of this creature was red. It’s clear that it was a colourful animal. This special animal used to make a strange noise like a guitar in winter and like a flute in summer. The cattywampus could only eat in spring and summer because its food were beautiful flowers. The teacher passed around a skull while he was talking.
    Mr Whitson’s pupils took notes and later had a quiz. They had to explain all the details the teacher had told them. When he returned them the papers, pupils were shocked. There was a big red X through each of their answers. They had failed. Minutes later, Mr Whitson explained to them that strange animal had not existed. He was passing around a cat’s skull instead of a cattywampus’ skull and he had given it a ridiculous name. Mr Whitson said he hoped they would learn something from that experience. Teachers and textbooks are not infallible.
    On the first day in his class, Mr Whitson encouraged his pupils to open their minds forever and to think by themselves.

  9. Manuel TORGA Said,

    It is believed that studying at a Boarding School is boring but I do not think that is completely true; actually, I was a border at Laboral University in Gijón for three years. It was when I was fourteen years old and if you do not know how a Boarding School can be you can think of a `Big Brother` .But I was growing up and I was dealing with forty children more in a big barrack hut with little individual rooms without bathrooms. All of us had enough free time to spend on tricks and stunts. Anyway, despite the fact that I do not like pranksters because they always do the same, sometimes I have to agree they are quite good and I do not know how old I was but it was my chance to be the prankster.

    I played a prank on my best friend José. I was at my boarding school inside my bedroom and I went out to the toilet to brush my teeth when I saw my best friend doing the same but I was behind him, so he could not see me. It was about eleven o’clock p.m., bedtime, and he left the door unlocked. It was my opportunity to come into his bedroom and get under his bed.He returned at once ,locked the door and got undressed.Then, he got into bed and switched off the light, apparently everything was quiet, in silence.Meanwhile I was there, close to him under the mattress.He must have thought he was alone and I waited for a few minutes so quietly that I could hear his breathing. He was beginning to fall asleep when suddenly I took out my hand put it on his chest and whispered like a ghost ´Aahhh!!´. He screamed with fear and everybody rushed out of their bedrooms asking ´What’s happened? ´. Afterwards, I ran out of his bedroom , went into my bedroom and locked the door.

    Luckily, we got on well. All throughout the week ,all the students at school spoke about it and the person who had to take care of us, sometimes, when he heard something strange or someone playing at the barrack hut, went into the bedrooms and looked under the bed to check if I was there. It is likely that everybody at school did the same during a long time.

  10. Carmen Cuéllar Said,

    Reading your practical joke, I remember one that I often listen to my husband´s friends. It´s also about a special dinner.
    They organized a stag night, have you ever heard about them? All these parties that boys offer to a friend who is going to get married.
    They had dinner, gave him some funny presents and of course, they had a few drinks.
    According to my friend, all of them tried to get the future husband drunk. Finally, they managed and when the victim was drunk enough, he fell asleep.
    Meanwhile, two of his friends bought a single ticket for a long-distance train to Madrid. They put him, without money, on the carriage and waited for the train to leave .

  11. Bego Said,

    This joke happened a couple of years ago when one of my friends borrowed a dvd from the library. When he watched the film he realized that it was the best film he’d ever watched and made an illegal copy. He’s a very polite and ethical man and we usually fell out about peer-to-peer programs because I download a lot of films and songs from them. The next day, his wife told it to her colleagues and, one of them took the phone and rang him. She told him, with a very polite voice, that she was calling from the library, knew that he’d made an illegal copy from the film and she had to sue him. He began to speak with a trembling voice and tried to explain it and told her that he’d destroy the copy. The girl said he’d done something illegal and he couldn’t sort it out and, then she put the phone down.
    One second later he called back his wife and when he was talking about the previous call, she began to laugh and he realized that everything had been a joke.
    He told her that he’d kill her and put the phone down.
    He never again argued with us about peer-to-peer programs.

  12. Ángeles Peláez Velasco Said,

    Two years ago I was victim of a practical joke. It happened at the end of the school year, at that moment I left my post as director of studies, so my close colleagues invited me to a special lunch in a good and expensive restaurant.Apparently .everything was perfect: food, place, company… but before having the dessert they gave me one beautiful package, I opened it quickly and anxiously and I found two horrible and enormous earrings! I couldn’t believe it! I would never wear something like that! Meanwhile ,my friends were looking at me very seriously, so I said ” Well, thanks, you knew that I needed them although they are a bit long”. How embarrassing!
    Suddenly ,a few minutes later, they started laughing and gave me the real present, one nice necklace and a pair of perfect small earrings.What a relief! It was only an unforgettable joke.

  13. Raquel García Fernández Said,

    Maybe the most outstanding joke I’ve ever played was two years ago.
    I was with my parents in a village a bit remote where we lived (about 20 km away ) and my uncle had a field there. Actually ,that one was the biggest that he had, with some sheep. Apparently ,the field was in perfect condition but I phoned him telling that all the sheep were running away.
    He went to the village as fast as he could and when he arrived and saw everything was ok he was a bit confused. Meanwhile I was behind a hedge ,laughing at him.
    Then, I explained to him all had been a joke and he was really angry with me but in the end ,he forgave me.

  14. Yolanda Montes Said,

    My boyfriend, Adrian, works in a zinc factory and he is always making jokes. The factory has two areas called black and white.
    One day, Adrian ordered David ,who is one colleague, to go to the white area and ask for a sack of seeds of zinc. David began to walk.
    Meanwhile, Adrian called a colleague in this area and told him what he was doing. When David arrived, a worker forced him to wear special clothes for burns and after that, he took a sack of zinc (that was ,in fact, a sack of cement). David walked about 500 m with the sack over his shoulders.
    When he arrived at the black area, all the workers were laughing and screaming: Have you ever seen seeds of zinc???

  15. Soraya Cano Rodríguez Said,

    The most funny joke that happened to me was 2 years ago while we were returning from my holidays in Malaga. When we were near Madrid, my father’s mobile began to ring, apparently it was my grandfather who always phones us during trips, but this time it wasn’t him, it was a hidden number. As my father was driving my mother answered .My mother and my father and I remained silent listening anxiously to every word my mother was saying. The voice that spoke was a middle-aged man, and said:
    ‘Good evening, I’m calling from the national police, a warning has just arrived in the office saying that you are circulating with a registrated vehicle Opel Vectra O-6848-CF colour grey at a speed of 160 km per hour, please reduce your velocity ’cause in a few meters there will be a mobile unit to stop you.’
    Meanwhile, my mother was making faces of fear and patting my father’s arm mimicking him to stop the car, but he didn’t seem to understand her. Fortunately ,I had recognized the voice of one of my mother’s best friend’s husband and luckily, I began to laugh at seeing that scene … Finally, the voice also started to laugh and it was just a practical joke.

  16. carlos Said,

    What I am going to tell you happened seven years ago on my tenth birthday . I invited my peers. Each and every one of them gave me a present. The party was amazing , we played lots of funny games and we ate lots of sweets.
    At the end of the party when I thought the party was over all my friends came to me and asked me to open one last present. I thought that this present was going to be the best, the most expensive or something like that.
    I began to break the box and I found another one, then I opened the second box and I found a third one.
    I continued opening boxes until the seventh one when I realised that instead of being an expensive present it was a practical joke.

  17. Ana Rebollo Sierra Said,

    I´d never thought that I could fall victim to practical jokes until one afternoon when I went to pick up my car after lunch.It wasn´t in the car park in front of my house where I usually park it. Apparently someone had stolen it while I was having lunch. At first I got nervous because I was certain I had parked my car there two hours before but afterwards I realized that maybe my mother had needed it and she had forgotten to tell me that she was going to use it that afternoon. So I called her to ask. She told me that she hadn´t caught it. As she knows perfectly well that I´m a fairly absent-minded person ,she suggested to me looking for the car in other places I used to park it. According to my mother, I went down the street looking for it when suddenly I glimpsed a car of the same make and colour than mine. I didn´t relax until I could check the registration number. Luckily, everything had been a mistake. But ,a few days later, my mother´s cousin arrived at my home laughing and asking me about what had happened with my car. By the way, he had given me that car when his father died and he still kept a key. In the end, I realized that I wasn´t losing memory just that I had been victim of a prank.

  18. mario peláez Said,

    I’m going to talk about a very important (and funny) practical joke which happened yesterday, I think.
    I think everybody knows who’s Sara Palin, and in case you don’t know it, she’s the candidate for vicepresident of USA. She is in the republican party.
    Two broadcasters from a Canadian radio phoned her, and one of them passed himself off as Zarcozy and they had a conversation, where we can stress jewels like “I’d like to go hunting with you” From Sara Palin , and, when the broadcaster said to him that his “wife”, Carla Bruni, had written a song about her, and sang her a verse of it, she told him to give her a big hug in gratitude for that.

    I think it’s so funny that she didn’t realise that it was a practical joke until it was published!

  19. Aurelio Centeno Said,

    One of the most surprising practical jokes that I remember was not a joke at all
    The TV news in the afternoon began with the following headline: “Banesto is under Public Administration control since this morning. A huge hole in its accounts has been discovered”.
    The date was 28th December, so apparently, it was the commom TV joke on that day. From that moment ,the information tookform and the journalist emphasized that it was not a joke. Finally, it dawned on the public that it was totally true.

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