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You know that I have been for some time now trying to improveLaughing your written work making you aware of the fact that you always tend to use the same simplistic words when you write ,even though we both know that you have a wider range of vocabulary. So why not use it?
Look at this text and try to replace the verbs “say” and “look” with some others.
Click here when you finish to see my suggestions.
Watch out” ! I said at the top of my voice; but it was already too late. Jim and I both stood there looking at the cyclist flying off his bike and hitting the enormous hole  in the road. “Is he hurt?” Jim said quietly, trembling with fear. “I don’t know” I said softly. At that moment the young man slowly lifted his head and looked at us in confusion. “What happened?” he said, in pain. “Where am I?”
Here’s another one. This time replace the words underlined to make it more interesting to the reader. Click here when you finish to see my suggestions.
It was a nice sunny morning when we set off on our journey. The sky looked very blue with only a few small clouds on the distant horizon. The ship we travelled on was big and had good cabins. We must have been halfway there when I was roused from my nap by a bad scream. It took me a while to come to my senses, but then I saw a small woman in front of me, looking very scared.
And now an entertaining task online that shows you how you can develop a simple sentence like ‘I made tea.’ into a detailed text.  Go to the website: You will see the sentence with shaded words, click ing on a shaded you’ll see that part of the sentence expand. Read the new sentence and then choose another part to click on
Homework: Create your own detailed sentences from one of these:
- I went to the beach.
- I saw a film
Once you have finished your sentence you can post it in the comments below and I’ll publish it.


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  1. Lucia Fernández Zapico Said,

    I was watching TV when my best friend knocked on my door. She said to me that it was a fantastic sunny day and she asked me to go to the beach.
    I went upstairs and took my bikini, a tower, sandals and my sunglasses and we went to the nearest beach.
    There, there were lots of people. We were having a really nice day but suddenly it started to rain.
    We came back home and took a shower. It was too early so we decided to go to the shopping centre. There ,we bought pop corn and went to the cinema. At night ,we had dinner at home and she stayed for the night. Actually, it was a great day.

    I was so bored at home and I didn’t know what to do. It was late, about 12 o’clock at night and I was alone at home. When I decided to go to sleep, a fantastic film started.
    My favourite actor performed in it so I stayed to watch it. I was tired but the film was so interesting that I couldn’t go to bed.
    The film was ending and I was very impatient to see what was going to happen.
    Then, I fell asleep and I didn’t see the end! I got very angry so I decided to go to bed. If I had known that I wasn’t going to see the end, I would have preferred to sleep the whole night.

  2. Andrea Szalata Diaz Said,

    It was a cloudy Friday evening , I had been studying very hard for hours and I was totally exhausted.
    I was hungry and decided to have dinner.
    I chose two huge eggs and I prepared a fabulous omelette, suddenly my old phone rang, I threw away the fryingpan to pick up the phone, and my superb omelette dropped to the floor , I slipped and I fell too .
    I got up and hurried towards the phone but when I was extremely near to it, when it stopped ringing.
    I was coming back to the kitchen to clean the floor when somebody called me, the sound was like a murmur, I didn´t know where the person was but I opened the door and here, in front of me, was a handsome guy with a lovely smile he was my boyfriend, and he said: would you like to see a film?” I got angy in a second, he was stupid, I had lots of things to do, it had been a horrible day…but he was rather attractive….” Ok” I said, and saw a film

  3. Andrea Szalata Diaz Said,

    Yesterday was a faboulous day, when I got up the sky was only blue.I had a proper breakfast and I left home with my tiny white dog.
    I had been walking for an hour when another enormous terrible dog appeared.My dog was thrilled and he began to run, I got frightened because a river was near us and I thought that my dog could fall in it, so, I ran too.After two minutes I saw my wonderful dog with a small blond boy; the boy said to me ” Don´t be worried, everything is OK” The boy was so overjoyed ” You have a lovely dog” ” I have one but it is in my grandmother´s home, on the beach” He looked so desperated that I got downhearted too “I can make you see it” He was suddenly very pleased ,and I went to the beach

  4. Raquel García Fernández Said,

    The day before yesterday, I went to the capital of Asturias, Oviedo, with my close friends. Initially we were going to go to some clothing stores because we had a birthday the next day and we wanted to wear for the first time, at least, a nice t-shirt. Throughout the evening we walked, more or less four hours (visiting different types of shops) and we were really tired; so we sat down on a bench near the park. We were talking about…I don’t really remember about what, when we decided to go to the cinema. The nearest one was at the end of the street where we were (the main street, called Uría) so we walked up there. We saw a huge fabulous shopping-centre, where there was a wonderful new cinema. When we arrived, we didn’t find it but we asked a shop assistant about it and she solved our doubts. At first, we didn’t reach an agreement about what film we could see, but at the end, we chose the newest one. I thought the film was going to be disgusting and nasty, but it was the most entertaining and interesting film I’ve ever seen.

  5. María Pardo Fernández Said,

    I overslept and woke up at eleven. I stretched while I was lying down on the bed. I removed the bedspread because of the high temperature. Seconds later ,I removed the blanket and the sheets and put them on the bedspread.
    Yawning and smearing my eyes with my fingers I sat down bleary eyed on the bed. Softly, my asleep feet landed on the colourful carpet. Slowly and quietly I got up from bed. I glanced outside through the window and the sun was shining. I got dressed with my swimming costume.
    Accurately, I put a towel, suntan lotion, a pair of flip-flops and some summer clothes into the bag. Carefully, I put some dark and fashionable sunglasses over my smiling face. Gently, I went upstairs and a bit scared opened the old wooden loft door. Inmediately, I took an enormous red rubber ring and banged the door. While the door was creaking I went downstairs to the damp basement and took a long orange dinghy .
    After that, I walked toward the garage and drove carefully to the graden the antique blue car . Slowly ,I lifted the heavy boot door and put the rubber ring, the dinghy and the bag with a towel, suntan lotion, a pair of flip-flops and some summer clothes into the boot. Then I closed the boot door and went to the driver seat. Firstly ,I raised my right foot and put it into the car. A second later I did the same with my left foot. When I was sat I took the car key and turned on the car. I started to drive the car and left my village. I drove along the road and a few kilometres later I stopped at a petrol station in order to fill the tank. When the tank was full I paid for the petrol and left the petrol station. The car went on advancing over the asphalt until I reached the coastline. At least I was in the overstock beach. I put my feet over the sand and did a hole in it to fit the sunshade.

  6. Cristina García Fernández Said,

    -I went to the beach.

    Last wonderful Tuesday, after a hard morning, I decided that I had been working magnificently for a long time so I had won myself a rest before the day ended. It was raining but fortunately it stopped and the sun began to shine strongly. I was walking hurriedly when suddenly a fleeting idea went into my head. “Go to the nearestclean superb charming beach that was placed near my modest and tiny, but dear office.

  7. Carmen Cuéllar Said,

    It was a sunny summer Sunday. It was my first day on holidays. I was reading the newspaper after having drunk a hot coffee and eaten some delicious toasts. There was a huge mountain of clothes that I needed to iron, and the curtains were screaming ”We need a washing”. I would have to clean the windows, the lamps,… but I thought ”I´m on holidays”, so I took my leather bag and my striped bikini and I went to the beach.

  8. Ángeles Peláez Velasco Said,

    A few years ago, I was absolutely bored at home when a very close friend of mine called me to suggest going out and visiting different and unknown places. When I was driving my beautiful new car, I read on a road sign the name ” glasses´s beach” so I followed the directions and arrived at an amazing tiny wonderful beach completely full of microscopic colourful glasses.

  9. Aida Ibáñez Said,

    Yesterday, I woke up very early in the morning, I lifted the blind and I could see a lovely sunny morning. I decided to phone one of my classmates (who always feels on the same wavelength as me) and asked her what she was going to do this wonderful day. She told me that she was seeing red because she had fallen out with her boyfriend, who is rather a handsome boy, and she needed to relax. Inmediately, I took my favourite beach towel, my green and brown bikini and my suntan lotion and I went to her home. I said to her that in this wonderful morning the sun was scorching and we should go to the beach.

  10. Manuel TORGA Said,

    I saw a film.

    Bored, I stood up softly from my comfortable red velvet sofa. I stared at my silver video recorder and looked for some dvds while my mum was screaming at me from the kitchen. I peered at my hideous purple DVD box and caught the first DVD I had, actually, I was not really interested in anything. I put my finger on the open key ,pressed and it slid smoothly and I put my DVD onto it, then I pressed another time and it closed in the same way. Apparently ,my mum was mumbling something in the kitchen, anyway, the fabulous antique film began and I had a rest.

  11. Bego Said,

    It was my last day on holidays and, when I woke up, I saw a bright sunny day. I had full breakfast with scrambled egg and decided to go to the beach. I opened the cupboard and took a couple of slices of brown bread, spread butter on them and put in fresh lettuce, tomato and ham. I opened the fridge and caught one Coke and put it with the sandwich in a cool bag. Afterwards, I walked along the corridor to my room, opened the wardrobe, took my red speckled with green bikini and my colourful towel and went to the beach.

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