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Archive for December 21st, 2008

Guessing Historical figures

Posted by CRISTINA CABAL DIAZ under Students' Corner
1. You are going to read about a historical figure or/and listen to someone reading about him/her. To    listen, click on the icon.

2. Guess who this person might be and then click to see the answer
3. You are to post a comment writing about a historical figure that you like/dislike. I’ll correct it and post your comment for everybody to guess. I don’t have to guess, so please send me the answer to your post.


He was the leader of the National Socialist party in Germany and, subsequently, Chancellor. He was known by the title of Der Fürer. He wrote a book entitled Mein Kampf. He was an admirer of the composer Richard Wagner. He dreamed of forming an Aryan race. He committed suicide in 1945 when he realised that he had been defeated in World War Two. Can you guess who that was?

He was a lawyer, born in Gujarat in India. He became the leader of the Indian Nationalist movement against the British rule. He worked for over 20 years in South Africa, fighting the cause of Indians there. He said that nonviolence was the most powerful weapon in the hands of mankind. He believed in pacifism, nonviolent protest, religious tolerance and the right to life. He was assassinated at the age of seventy-nine, a year after India gained her independence from Britain. So, any guesses?

Now it is your turn….
Read all the comments to this post and write down your guess for each description. Then , click here to see the answers.

Talk to Santa

Posted by CRISTINA CABAL DIAZ under Funny Stuff
As Christmas is fast approaching I have thought this seasonal site would be a good stimulus for you not to forget your English this holidays.
You are going to use theThis is Santa website to have a text chat with Santa. You’ll have to be very careful about your spelling and punctuation though as Santa can only understand grammatically correct sentences.
I hope you enjoy this activity. Merry Christmas!!
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