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Hello dear students:
I know most of you haven’t been able to make it to the school due to severe weather conditions.
Just this time I am going to  tell you what we did in class so you can do your homework and work on some of the activities done in class.
Task 1. Warm-up. Guided speaking  about Christmas, traditions related to it commercialization of this season. (photocopy available at request)
Task 2. Vocabulary: materials, adjectives describing materials… done with slips of paper on the blackboard ,more motivating than in your textbook but you can also find it there. Page : 37
Task3. Listening  from page 37
Task 4. Verb phrases with “take”. Textbook page 42 (ex.11 and 12)
Homework: You are to prepare a short speech of not less than 2 minutes about one of the topics you’ll find on your books, page 39, ex 12.

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