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The IT Crowd is a British popular cult sitcom . The comedy takes a surreal look at the ‘underclass’ of a company - the Information Technology department set in the computer department of Reynholm Industries. The staff are IT geeks Roy and Moss, and Jen.
MOSS  lives with his mum, who also dresses him, styles his hair and buys his clothes.He’s highly intelligent, scared of spiders and has the social skills of a serial killer. The closest he’s got to a woman is Lara Croft. (in the picture the one with the laptop)
ROY is the smiling face of the I.T. Department, Roy’s spiky personality ensures he’ll always be kept away from normal people as long as possible.He’s king of the basement, indulging his love of comic books, fast food, computer games and random arguments with his best friend, Moss. (in the picture the one reading the magazine)
JEN knows nothing about IT, she only got the job because she said she had extensive experience of computers like using mices, clicking, double-clicking, and that thing that goes on the floor… the er hard-drive?As well as being their line manager, Jen is Roy and Moss’ agony aunt, relationship coach and guru about life outside the basement. Not that her life is going particularly well, it’s just better than theirs.
Now, what comes next is homework . There are two videos and this is what you have to do:
VIDEO A. Watch the video three times  B. Answer the questions  C. Send them to me  before April 14th.
1. What two reasons does Moss give Roy to prevent him from using the toilet?
2. The first time the manager asks Roy what happened, what does he answer?
3. What does he say happened to his wheelchair?
4. Does the wheelchair they finally bring belong to Roy? Answer giving details

Talking to Jen:
1. Who does he say stole his wheelchair?
2. How has he become disabled?
3.What does he order?
Talking to Lorna:
4. What does Lorna find so difficult about Roy?
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